According to Dior Couture, this taboo fashion accessory is back

None have to pay. They are the exceptions the blinds yearn for, they don’t see, they are the ones who abandon their responsibilities to the fault that is soothing the soul’s hardships.

But in order that you may understand whence every born error is the pleasure of accusing and praising the pain, I will open the whole matter, and will explain the very things which were said by that inventor of the truth and as it were the architect of the blessed life.

Moreover, there is no one who desires to obtain pain, because pain itself is love, enhanced, and desires to acquire it, but because times of such a nature do not occur, so that by toil and pain he may seek some great pleasure. For, to the slightest degree, any one of us undertakes any laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it.

But we both accuse and deem them most worthy of just hatred, who, blinded by desire to soothe and corrupted by the flattery of the present pleasures, do not foresee what pains and annoyances they will receive;

Who, however, rightfully condemns him who wishes to be in that pleasure which obtains no annoyance, or who shuns the pain from which no pleasure can be obtained.

But in certain times, and often due to obligations or necessities of affairs, it will happen that both pleasures must be repudiated and annoyances not accepted. Accordingly, the choice of those things is bound here by the wise man, so that either by rejecting the pleasures he may obtain other greater ones, or he may drive back the more severely endured by the enduring pains.

The pain itself is important, but the pain is enhanced by the adipiscing process, but I give it time to cut it down so that I do some great work and pain. In order that for the most part, any one of us will come to the exercise of any kind of employment except to take advantage of the objectives from it.

“but if pain is to blame in pleasure

For no one rejects, or hates, or shuns pleasure, because it is pleasure itself, but because great pains result from those who do not know how to follow pleasure by reason.

And the distinction between these things is easy and easy. For in free time, when the choice of choosing is free for us;

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