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Benefits of Using Video Wall Systems

The security of the workplace and the safety of employees is the first and foremost obligation of business owners. To ensure this, they go to every extent and incorporate all sorts of equipment. An example of this is the incorporation of a video wall controller.

However, many still refrain from investing in it as they believe that what’s the point of buying it when you can just get a large screen and projector. Well, this is where they are wrong because video wall control systems provide more than just large displays.

With that said, let’s find out about some remarkable benefits of using a video wall controller that not many know about:


You’ll be able to Fully Utilise Cheap Monitors

Not all displays are created equal. If the quality of your monitor’s display isn’t too good, getting a video wall controller will definitely benefit you. Whether you own a high quality display from Hikvision distributors or a cheap one, a video wall controller will help in creating a smooth image transition. They have a bezel compensation feature that helps in evening out image gaps.

Make Creative & Eye-Catching Visuals

Video wall controllers make it easy for you to control the image rotation. You can adjust images at any angle you want, not only 90, 180 or 270 degrees. So, if you want to create an impression on your customers during a presentation, getting a video wall controller is a must.

Gives You Freedom to Customize Images

Another added perk of using a video wall controller is that it provides its users the liberty to fully customise the images as per their preferences. They can effortlessly crop, flip or adjust the aspect ratio of the images. Moreover, they can also create multiple display profiles.

Enable You to Showcase Multiple Content at the Same Time

Video wall controllers allow its users to display multiple contents at the same time on the video wall. They make use of methods such as PIP, POP for displaying content. Similarly, you can also display content from different input devices at the same time on the video wall without rendering it priorly.

Achieving Robust High Resolution Becomes Easy

When compared with building high performance PC servers for displaying high resolution content, using a video wall controller is more economical. Therefore, if you want to achieve a high resolution display without spending a fortune, a video wall controller is the way.

More Reliable

Video wall controllers use simple hardware structures that are more reliable and compatible. Moreover, these components are free from any potential compatibility issues that PC operating systems face.

Support All Sorts of Inputs

One of the biggest benefits of using a video wall controller is its compatibility. These devices are compatible with all sorts of input sources. So, you don’t have to worry about attaching it and viewing the results.

User Friendly

Yet another feather in the cap of video wall controllers is the ease to use. They may look complicated, but these devices are super easy to use and are quite simple to set up.  You can even set them up using a remote control without running any PC software.

High Processing Power

Video wall systems perform image and video processing using an external video wall processor known as controller. Being an external component, this controller can greatly influence in producing a more powerful processing hardware than the processor that individual displays have.

Exceptional Display

Bright clear and uninterrupted display are some of the perks that users of video wall controllers get to avail. Video wall users don’t have to worry about image quality as these devices have built-in abilities that make images vivid and clear.   

The quality of images and videos that these devices produce are far better than projectors. The images shown through projectors become blurry and dim when they are enlarged. But this isn’t the case with video wall systems, regardless of the extent of zooming or enlargement the picture quality isn’t compromised.

Super Safe

Another advantage of using video wall systems is that they are really safe and secure. These devices can’t be hacked by anyone as they don’t contain any software, their parts are just hardware.

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