Best Social Media Aggregators For Marketing in 2020

In order to combine the compelling posts from social media platforms, social media aggregators are the best tools that you should use. For marketing purposes, social media content plays a huge role as it connects the customers with the genuine experience of other people with the brand. People are active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other platforms where people like to talk about their experience. They like to talk about news, fashion, technology, as well as how any product or service is helpful for them.

Brands can use this content for their marketing purposes as it engages people more than the content created by the brands.

Social media aggregators help you to collect and curate relevant content from the different social media platforms and allow you to put it on your website in the simplest way.

In this article I will tell you about the best social media aggregator tools that you use in your marketing strategies for 2020.

Taggbox is the best social media aggregator tool as far as I come to know, used by thousands of brands to boost their marketing strategies.

With Taggbox you can collect, curate, and display UGC on your website, event walls, digital screens, signage, and any other digital platform where your customers interact with you.

You only need to place hashtags, keywords, mentions, and profile accounts to generate social media feeds and easily embed it to your website.

You can collect social media feeds from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, Linkedin, Google, YouTube, etc. and display feeds on your website and anywhere.

With Taggbox you will also get features like moderation by which you can make it personalize according to your website and marketing theme.

You can choose from beautiful themes, layouts, designs, color, fonts, size, and many more to make your user-generated content attractive.

You can create beautiful background themes, banners, and cards that make your UGC engaging.

Not only this, moderation panel also allows you to manually approve the social media feeds that you want to keep on your website and event walls.

You also get Analytics that help you measure the success of your UGC campaign. Analytics help you get insights about the users who are talking about the keywords, their location, and reactions they have with the keyword.

In this way you can create effective user-generated content and use for your marketing purposes.

Sprout Social
Sprout Social offers a platform where you can manage and schedule feeds from the social media platforms in advance on a single platform.

This tool works as a handy tool when it comes to dealing with posts from several social media platforms effectively.

It gives features to analyse data, sorting data according to demographics, and measure locations from where the users share the most content.

With these insights, you can target your user-generated content and understand what type of audience is interested in your content type.

Social sprout provides you the platform from where you can manage the multiple platforms and monitor various keywords at the same time. In this way you can come to know how many people are talking about you at different platforms using different keywords.

Hootsuite is the social media management tool that allows you planout in advance to display and create user-generated content.

You can also integrate Hootsuite with other tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp where you plan out your most of the marketing strategies.

With Hootsuite you can also connect with your new customers by creating conversations of your business.

Create boosting user-generated content that automatically increases engagement with your quince and creates a high impact on them. allows their customers to curate images, videos, texts, hashtags, and all other user-generated content from different platforms and make dynamic feeds that connect with the audience.

As you create the feeds you can directly embed or display them to your website, walls, or any digital screen just using a single line link.

You will get moderation options where you find beautiful designs, themes, layout, styles, fonts, and colors to make attractive and engaging content.

This tool comes in the list of best social media aggregator tools which means you can use it for your marketing campaigns and generate effective content. also offers analytics so that you can measure the performance of content and keywords you are using for creating effective UGC.

These are some of the best social media aggregator tools that marketers should use for creating effective marketing campaigns in 2020.

These tools simplify the content available on social media and allow you easily embed in your website, event walls, signages, and any other digital screen just with a link.

In order to compete you have to create unique marketing strategies in which user-generated content plays a major role. Thus, remember you have to stay ahead in the highly competitive era and create those strategies that engage your audience with your business in a most effective manner.

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