How to Find Trending Hashtags on Instagram

Trending hashtags are a great tool to draw traffic to your related content as this means that more people are using the hashtag. With trending hashtags, your content will rank higher on search engines and it is easy to gain more follows. However, some popular and most used hashtags can end up doing more harm to your account than good.

This happens when the Instagram algorithm identifies a trending hashtag to be too spammy in which case, you could receive a warning on your account or even in worst cases, youraccount could be terminated. This is why it is important to only use legit trending hashtags which are related to the services or products offered by your brand. In this article, we will highlight 5 ways to find trending hashtags on Instagram.

Use Instagram Explore Page
The explore page on Instagram shows the top trending content globally and the content with the most engagement level. Although several factors determine how content gets to the Explore page, using trending hashtags is one of them. You can check your top competitors whose content have been ranked on this page and analyze the type of hashtags they have used.

If the hashtags relate to your content, be sure to incorporate them in your content and users using that particular hashtags are likely to find your content.

Hashtag Generators
Hashtag generators tools come in handy when you are looking to analyze the trending hashtags in a particular category. For example, with hashtagforlikes, you can filter popular and trending hashtags using specific keywords. After understanding the keywords that your competitors are using, you can use this keyword to generate the most used hashtags in your category.

It is also worth mentioning that you should not use tons of these generated hashtags in one post. Instead, you should use at most five to seven trending hashtags on each post then add niche hashtags.

Related Hashtags
You can also obtain trending hashtags from the Instagram search option. Use a keyword related to your content and Instagram will suggest related hashtags that have higher engagements. In the Tags tab, you can easily analyze the hashtags used on each of the featured posts.

From the same Tags feature, you can also explore the popularity and frequency of use of the related hashtag. You also check your competitors’ posts that have the most engagement and analyze the hashtags used. If they are related to your content, you can use them in several of your posts as well.

Check Other Popular Platforms’ Hashtags
Other than only analyzing the popular hashtags on Instagram, you can also check popular hashtags on other social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Most users who have Instagram accounts also have other social accounts and the popular hashtag used on one social media platform can also be used on another.

If you happen to notice a trending keyword on Twitter that is related to your content, you can also use it on your Instagram account as most users might also feel compiled to search using a similar keyword on other social media platform.

Check the Industry Leaders
Another great way of sourcing good hashtags for your content is to follow Instagram leaders that have high influential statistics. Instagram influencers content always perform well in terms of engagement and it is good to keep an eye on their current trends. Identifying influencers in your niche will also come in handy since you can use similar hashtags for your content and increase the visibility of your content.

Final Word

Identifying trending hashtags on Instagram is easy and using these popular tags can increase the engagement of your content. When more people view your content, you are likely to also gain new followers whom you can convert to customers. The Instagram explorer tab is a useful resource from which you can analyze the featured content. You can also use best hashtag generators tool as well as use popular hashtags from other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Another effective way is to keep track of the hashtags used by your competitors or top influencers in your niche.

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