How To Get Any AWS Certification While Working From Home?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most comprehensive and widely accepted cloud computing platforms offered by Amazon. It is a collection of Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). AWS is used widely, from fastest-growing start-ups to large enterprises. The AWS Certification helps individuals build credibility by testing their skills and expertise in using the cloud. Individuals possessing this certification are identified as skilled professionals.

AWS Certifications
AWS Certifications validate individuals for their skills in using AWS cloud to solve several business issues and perform business operations. There are 12 AWS certifications, categorized into two types – generalist and speciality. Generalist certifications are further divided into three levels – Foundational, Associate, and Professional.

The Cloud Practitioner Certification is a foundational-level course. This AWS Certification course is ideal for individuals wishing to begin their careers in cloud technology. It requires individuals to possess six months of experience and knowledge of AWS.

Individuals possessing at least one year of experience in implementing solutions and solving business problems on AWS can pursue associate-level certifications. There are three certifications:

AWS Cloud Developer Associate
AWS Solutions Architect Associate
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate
Professional-level certifications require professionals to possess at least two years of working experience developing, executing, and troubleshooting business solutions on AWS. There are two certifications:

AWS DevOps Cloud Certification
AWS Solutions Architect Professional
There are six Specialty certifications, where each certification focuses on one specific topic. Individuals must possess technical cloud experience within a particular Specialty field.

Advanced Networking
Machine Learning
Alexa Skill Builder
Data Analytics
Cloud Security
How To Take An AWS Certificate From Home?
Earlier, applicants had to go to the testing centre and appear for the examination. Since March 2020, it has become possible for everyone to take all AWS certifications at home through an online proctoring method. This new online proctored method offers flexibility and accessibility for applicants.

Though this new examination method offers flexibility, the traditional process of taking the examination at the testing centre has its own benefits. At the testing centre, there are staff members assisting students with the exam check-in process. Moreover, computers in the testing centre are already set-up perfectly as per the examination’s requirements.

The online proctoring examination takes place at the same time as in the testing centre. But you have to set up your computer and check whether it is working flawlessly before the examination starts. There will be a remote proctor who will monitor you throughout the exam duration.

How To Schedule An AWS Exam?
It is always better to schedule the AWS Certificate exam in advance, as you get enough time to prepare for and set up the environment. To register for the certification, you have to create several accounts and log into a minimum of three services. While creating accounts, you must remember that the name in all accounts should be precisely the same as the one that appears in your ID.

After creating accounts, you will be directed to the page where you need to select your AWS Certificate. Here, you need to select the “Pearson VUE” as the testing vendor, i.e., an online proctoring vendor. Later, choose a time and date, and pay for the certification exam. Each certification has a different price.

What To Expect During The Exam At Home?
You need to check-in to the system 30 minutes before the exam time. To check-in to the system, you have to open the email you got during the certification enrolment. Click on the link present in the email to check-in to the system. Make sure you have a valid ID with your photo and mobile phone during the check-in process.

You will receive a link on your mobile phone via SMS. After clicking on the link, a web app opens. This web app requires your selfie, a picture of both sides of the ID, and four photos of the testing space.

Koenig Solutions is a renowned training organization worldwide, offering effective AWS Certification training. This centre has AWS expert and skilled instructors that help applicants to pass a certification exam. Moreover, there are hands-on labs provided for practising. There are three modes of pursuing AWS training and certification – instructor-led online, instructor-led classroom, and fly-me-a-trainer.

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