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How to spy Facebook messages with TheOneSpy?




How to spy Facebook messages with TheOneSpy

Social media is one of the biggest free communication tools in the world. Everyone loves to make accounts on different social websites including on Facebook. However, social networking websites are commonly used among everyone without considering their age, children, tweens, teens, young adults, and even the older ones who love to spend their time on social media site FB.

Almost one and half decades ago it was developed for the people to stay in contact with each other and save their lives memories in terms of multimedia including photos, videos and many more. Users can use it for so many activities likewise newsfeeds, like someone’s photo, comment, and videos and further you can add known and unknown friends from any part of the world.

Moreover, you can use it as a free communication tool to stay in touch with your loved ones, friends and family members and even strangers. You can use it for text messaging, text conversations, make audio calls, video calls, share photos, videos and send voice messages. However, there are certain people that want to spy on Facebook messages. Now the question arises why they want to do that.

Why spy Facebook text messages?

There are plenty of reasons behind spying FB messages because the particular activity is in demand these days. Most people want to do surveillance on their children’s social media activities, particularly on instant messenger. They want to unveil all the activities of the teens and children to their eyes to make sure they are doing safe on the websites or on the social messaging app.

Parents want to set parental control on kid’s mobile devices because more than 95% of children have cellphones to use it for social media. Apart from parenting online, the business community also wants to know what employees are doing in working hours on business owned cellphone devices especially on social media websites like Facebook. Now the question comes in kind how to monitor FB? The answer is very simple you have to use TheOneSpy on your digital phones provided to children or employees.

Install TheOneSpy on target cellphone to monitor Facebook messages

Are you get irritated, frustrated and at an end get scared because of the excessive usage of FB on kid’s mobile? Is it true that your children are addicted to social media? If you have seen these things in your children then you must higher cell phone spy app. You can use your cellphone installed browser and then rapidly get a subscription and license.

Furthermore, you just need to go through the email to procure the credentials. Now get the target device into your hands and start the installation process. Complete the process and then activate it on the target device. Once you have made the set up on the target device then you need to activate the web control panel. Now use the credentials such as password and ID and get access to the online web portal and further get access to the powerful features.

Use TheOneSpy powerful features to spy on Facebook messages

Screen recording app

You can do live screen recording on someone’s cell phone active with the FB website. You can record short videos of the screen back to back and send the recording to the online control panel. You can watch all the videos recorded and you can get to know sent or received text messages and conversations.


Now instantly get access to the web portal and further schedule multiple screenshots and send all the captured screenshots to the online control panel. It means you can get to know what sort of text messages sent received on the target device of your child or employees having screenshots.

IM’s logs

Once you have activated your web control panel then you can activate IM’s social media tool. It certainly enables you to get the logs of all the instant messaging apps and websites including Facebook. You can get the logs of text messages, conversations of FB, audio chat, video chat, shared photos, and videos and last but not the least Facebook voice messages with the complete time stamp on the target cellphone.


Use the TheOneSpy Facebook spy app on the target mobile device and you can read all the text messages sent or received on social media websites with the timestamp.

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How digital marketing helps to improve your business?




Digital Marketing

Thus the digital marketing plays a major role in the marketing field. In the earlier day, individuals use to notice or banners to reach the products. By this, they become familiarized with the items which will be performed available in a reasonable value range. In any case, directly as innovation develops everything gets additionally becomes digitalized including things that change effectively in it. For coming to in addition to earning higher clients towards your things or the company you can move toward computerized promoting Sydney which is especially fit for compellingly making things to bargain so. Utilizing these terms, for example, online media likewise the web will give the most excellent approach to obtain customers surely. 


Advantages of SEO services:


These days’ individuals are using SEO marketing Sydney in a tremendous reach where you can ready to get more individuals by moving toward them without any problem. With the promotion stage, you can ready to get more customers likewise concentrate on the perfect person for your items on it. You can utilize the latest technology in the affordable price range and they are exceptionally successful to pick the client from worldwide on it. They give the benefit level of a capacity where you can ready to contact the company for your organization items surely. With the global reach, you can read all customers to associate and get the administrations consistently on it. The minimum effort function can be the best one to reach everybody. 


With the pre-arranged way, you can focus on the right client utilizing the showcasing administration. They cost-adequately offered the types of assistance and utilizing the organization page you can ready to get associate with them record-breaking. The day in and day out will make an ideal method to get associated and find the necessary solutions consistently. 


The social media marketing Sydney gives the significant benefit of making organization or business site in the top search surely. They likewise cause the watchwords to will be exceptionally compelling and can ready to arrive at the most ideal route on it. The search engine optimization specialists make the organization site contact more individuals constantly and give first-class results. One of the simplest techniques to build up the organization and make the item mindful for everybody throughout the world. With much offer worth available, you can ready to create a more beneficial level of pay at the consistent territory over it. 


The client can get tips and thoughts at whatever point they need simply by conveying through the telephone or our company site. Arriving at a high level in the search list much as simple as you might suspect. More work must be done to guarantee success and benefit. You can get a simple scale remembering examination from the news for if your item is hit. The customer can get the most recent thoughts and plan to make their organization work impeccably and to run without any problem. Presently you can ready to get those incapable financial plans additionally reasonable expenses to arrive at the objective. Getting more customers additionally arriving at more benefit is the primary point of each SEO administration organization

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QuickBooks is unable to verify the Financial Institution




QuickBooks is unable to verify the Financial Institution

Every time you use QuickBooks, if you are an avid user, you realize how useful and reliable the software is. It tends to help you in several ways, gives you a great time to handle accounting, financing, and bookkeeping work seamlessly. But, just like any other software, you are prone to witness common errors and complications when using the software. One of the very stubborn errors that might disrupt you from doing financial activities on the software is, ‘QB not able to verify financial institution information.

You will also see an error that says, please try again later, and it will trouble you again! This error might have popped up when you were providing your Ban ID. The problem occurs usually when QuickBooks doesn’t have accepted a specific Bank ID. In this article, let us discuss the exact causes and the solution to fixing this error.

What are the Reasons for the Error to occur?

  1. This error arises especially when QB accounting software doesn’t accept any particular Bank ID that you have input in the information.
  2. The error is surely going to take a toll and affect the productivity of both employees along with the employer.
  3. If not fixed, you will see yourself wasting a lot of time, and energy dealing and handling the challenges that it offers later. An immediate solution to fixing it is necessary and QB has gained massive importance in the past.
  4. With too many features overloaded and provided by the software to the user, having to deal with glitches and errors is quite common.

The solution to Fix It | QuickBooks Services

Sometimes, even QuickBooks users will be facing issues like these on a common basis. When you seem to witness an error like this, you should reach out to a QuickBooks support staff. They will be able to give you a better understanding.

  1. If you receive the error of a financial institution, you can fix it by altering the affected Bank ID, one that you are trying to provide & one that the QB is unable to recognize. The reason for the Bank ID not to be found can be many and is fixable.

Read more about: “How to Download QuickBooks Tool Hub

Open QB online files in your notepad and excel and follow the steps mentioned below.

Follow the steps mentioned:

  • Select the ’20-<INTUIT.BID>2002
  • You can change the last 4 digits and make it to anything, for example, ‘3000’
  • You can save the file that you have changed the digits for and this can be done using the keyboard or a mouse.
  • These changes will be preserved if you do it that way.
  • Now, you can upload the same file in your QuickBooks.
Another Solution if the problem Arise

Browse for the fidir.txt file.

  • This is the file present in the folder that will appear first.
  • You can run this file on your notepad
  • If you are a Windows 8/7/Vista users
  • You need to browse and do the following action in the location or the data path that is C:\ProgramData\…\filist.
  • Now, if you are a Windows XP user
  • You need to browse and do the following action in the location C:\Documents and Settings\…\filist
  • The further steps are common that says,
  • Browse for your bank’s name in the MB financial
  • You will be required to note down the 4 sets of numbers of your Bank ID that will be visible on the screen
  • Now, you can open your QuickBooks online file through the notepad and then locate <FID>, <BID, or >.<BANKID>
  • Now, if you wish, you can alter the numbers that are highly visible to you near the characters, with which of the numbers are associated with the FIDIR.
  • Apply the necessary changes that you wish to make
  • Now, you can open your QB company file and transfer it

Following the above steps will help you get rid of the error. You need to be very careful and follow each of the steps that are mentioned here. If you are facing any sort of difficulties, you can always reach to a QB support staff. They will be able to help you navigate and follow a proper way of getting rid of the error. It is the error that occurs only when you open a Bank ID that QB seems to not find easily.


Now that you are fully aware of how to take care of the error that is ‘unable to verify your financial institution, please try later’ You can follow the solutions above and enjoy a good time using the software. There will be times where you will be caught up with errors while using the software, but Intuit provides amazing ways to get rid of them. You need to know that this feature-loaded software may come across some glitches, but they are recoverable!

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How To Get Any AWS Certification While Working From Home?




AWS Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most comprehensive and widely accepted cloud computing platforms offered by Amazon. It is a collection of Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). AWS is used widely, from fastest-growing start-ups to large enterprises. The AWS Certification helps individuals build credibility by testing their skills and expertise in using the cloud. Individuals possessing this certification are identified as skilled professionals.

AWS Certifications

AWS Certifications validate individuals for their skills in using AWS cloud to solve several business issues and perform business operations. There are 12 AWS certifications, categorized into two types – generalist and speciality. Generalist certifications are further divided into three levels – Foundational, Associate, and Professional.


The Cloud Practitioner Certification is a foundational-level course. This AWS Certification course is ideal for individuals wishing to begin their careers in cloud technology. It requires individuals to possess six months of experience and knowledge of AWS.


Individuals possessing at least one year of experience in implementing solutions and solving business problems on AWS can pursue associate-level certifications. There are three certifications:

  • AWS Cloud Developer Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS SysOps Administrator Associate


Professional-level certifications require professionals to possess at least two years of working experience developing, executing, and troubleshooting business solutions on AWS. There are two certifications:

  • AWS DevOps Cloud Certification
  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional


There are six Specialty certifications, where each certification focuses on one specific topic. Individuals must possess technical cloud experience within a particular Specialty field.

  • Advanced Networking
  • Machine Learning
  • Alexa Skill Builder
  • Data Analytics
  • Database
  • Cloud Security

How To Take An AWS Certificate From Home?

Earlier, applicants had to go to the testing centre and appear for the examination. Since March 2020, it has become possible for everyone to take all AWS certifications at home through an online proctoring method. This new online proctored method offers flexibility and accessibility for applicants.

Though this new examination method offers flexibility, the traditional process of taking the examination at the testing centre has its own benefits. At the testing centre, there are staff members assisting students with the exam check-in process. Moreover, computers in the testing centre are already set-up perfectly as per the examination’s requirements.

The online proctoring examination takes place at the same time as in the testing centre. But you have to set up your computer and check whether it is working flawlessly before the examination starts. There will be a remote proctor who will monitor you throughout the exam duration.

How To Schedule An AWS Exam?

It is always better to schedule the AWS Certificate exam in advance, as you get enough time to prepare for and set up the environment. To register for the certification, you have to create several accounts and log into a minimum of three services. While creating accounts, you must remember that the name in all accounts should be precisely the same as the one that appears in your ID.

After creating accounts, you will be directed to the page where you need to select your AWS Certificate. Here, you need to select the “Pearson VUE” as the testing vendor, i.e., an online proctoring vendor. Later, choose a time and date, and pay for the certification exam. Each certification has a different price.

What To Expect During The Exam At Home?

You need to check-in to the system 30 minutes before the exam time. To check-in to the system, you have to open the email you got during the certification enrolment. Click on the link present in the email to check-in to the system. Make sure you have a valid ID with your photo and mobile phone during the check-in process.

You will receive a link on your mobile phone via SMS. After clicking on the link, a web app opens. This web app requires your selfie, a picture of both sides of the ID, and four photos of the testing space.


Koenig Solutions is a renowned training organization worldwide, offering effective AWS Certification training. This centre has AWS expert and skilled instructors that help applicants to pass a certification exam. Moreover, there are hands-on labs provided for practising. There are three modes of pursuing AWS training and certification – instructor-led online, instructor-led classroom, and fly-me-a-trainer.

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