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5 Reason that why you should learn Islamic courses Online




5 Reason that why you should learn Islamic courses Online


Technological advancement has changed our lives in a drastic way. It paved an easier path for us. You can learn the Quran and many other aspects related to Islam with the help of technology.


For Muslims, understanding the Quran is one of the most important aspects and basic pillars of learning Islam. It accepts us as we are and forces us to take the proper route. 


It is significantly more difficult to learn the Holy Quran with proper pronunciation and literary representation. Online Islamic courses and Quran learning is growing faster since the outbreak of Coronavirus. You can enroll yourself Islamic courses at your own convenience. There are multiple reasons you should learn Islamic courses online which are as under.


Learn at your pace:

Learning Islamic courses online allows you convenience and flexibility. You can set a timetable according to your ease. Traditional Islamic schooling does not allow you 24/7 service but online courses you can choose a suitable time which is one of the greatest merits of online classes. You can learn at your pace in online courses.


The tutor solemnly puts attention towards you and there are not many other students which can divert your attention. As you are the only one in the class it will be easier for you to learn and understand things effectively. In that way, you can learn more and will gain better knowledge while interacting one-on-one with a tutor.



Online learning can save you precious time. You don’t have to travel far to learn Islamic courses. Many online academies offer 24 hours services throughout the week. If you have different obligations and want to learn it only part-time it is a very well option for you. You will not have an inconvenience finding a suitable schedule.


You can study online at your home in comfort while saving your traveling time. Traditional institutes and madrassas have specific times for class and interacting with tutors. In online learning, you can get access to your tutor at any time without any restrictions. Missing a class due to your obligation is the least of a concern 


Save Money: 

Learning Islamic courses online is far cheaper than traditional academies. As many parents want home tuitions for female kids. These turn out to be very expensive as a home tutor demands a very large amount of money. While online Quran tutors charges less money. Online academies offer affordable courses.


Not all cities have madrassas or academies to give Islamic education like Quran, Hadiths and Tajweed. People have to travel to other cities to educate themselves. Online Islamic courses can help you minimize the travelling fare and also charge less money on the internet.


Native and Experienced Teachers:

Experienced teachers are rare to find but with online Islam courses, you can find experienced teachers. It will help you improve your knowledge and teach you in an effective way so that you can learn easily. An experienced teacher knows how to deliver lectures to different age groups. 


Students of any age group or from any country teacher will know where to start and how to improve student understand of a specific thought. A native speaker can improve your accent of the Quran as it matters the most while reading and understanding it. With the help of Islamic courses online you can learn from expert native Islamic tutors from different Muslim countries.


Better understanding:

Learning online will help you have a better understanding of different aspects of Islam. As you and the tutor are directly involved without any inference of the third person. In traditional Islamic institutes, there are a lot of students who are learning simultaneously with you and can have a negative impact on your understanding.


It is difficult for teachers to answer the questions of many students at the same time. Online Islamic courses allow having a better understanding as learners can ask questions to have a clear understanding of the Quran, Hadiths, and many other Islamic teachings. Teachers have a direct focus towards you as vice versa so it promotes better knowledge about Islam.


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M Junaid Lead Writer, Content Marketer at Online Madrasa, A writer by Day and reader by night


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Why government Job is important for middle and lower class community?




government Job

Government job is a dream and goal of many people in India. Some people in India think if they got a government job their life will successful. Many of the government job aspirants face problems while searching for a Sarkari job and apply for the job.

If you want an update of all latest Sarkari jobs and result then Sarkari result net help you and provide all notifications about the job, admit card and result. You can search for a job through their website based on your qualification, location whether you want a state or central job and post you want.

Some benefits of Sarkari Job:

There are some reasons behind why Sarkari job is famous in a middle or lower class community in India. They also know the private job is much better than government in some areas like IT industry, architecture industry, and electronic industry, etc. So why are these communities obsessed for Government jobs?

Here I will introduce you to some points to make complete sense of why government jobs put interest in the middle or lower community of India.

1. Salary on time: If you are a government employee you will get your salary on time whether the country economy is going down and starvation is coming. As in the case of the global coronavirus pandemic all private job person does not get a salary because their company or factory is not opened. But government employee gets their monthly salary on time.

There is another drawback of private jobs is, the employee gets their salary if the company is making a profit if the company not making a profit then there is no salary for an employee.

So this is the reason why a middle or lower community like Sarkari Job.

2. Low work or high salary: The workload in the Sarkari job is almost negligible. You have a lot of free time while in your working hours. You can use your free time for other productive activities.

The Best way to utilize this time is to read the book and learning new things that will be helpful to you in near future. If you want high post than your working post then you have ample time for your preparation.

Your mind will be tension-free when you come home because the workload in the Sarkari job is very small.

3. Free health care services: Nowadays health care services are out of reach from an ordinary person, even the upper-middle class having difficulty in affording health services for their family. But if you are a government employee as in this case government will bear all your expenses not only for you but for your entire family.

Even in the surgeries where you will be charged in lakh rupees. For government employees, it is free because of its free health care services. The government will bear his all surgeries charges. So, this is another reason why people like a government job.

4. Maximum vacation: The government employee gets a maximum number of holidays in the year and also I firstly say the workload in a government job is low than any other sector jobs.

If we compare with the private-sector job then you hardly get holidays. In a private job you just get around 4-6 holidays in the year but in a government job you have much more holiday.

5. Get all type allowance: In a government job, you will get a dearness allowance(DA), travel allowance to cover all extra expenditures during your work. Employee subsidized from grocery to traveling by government. Also, you can travel anywhere in India with concession on charge.

If you are preparing for the government exam, will help. You can check the latest job, Sarkari result, and download the syllabus for your preparation.

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Guide To Score More Marks in CA Final Test Series Nov 2021




CA Mock Tests Series

It’s about time for the CA final exam! How is your preparation going? The motivation for studying and how to proceed to vary greatly from person to person. Here are some tips on how to study to get a high score in the CA final exam!

The range of questions for the Certified Accountant Examination is enormous.

Since many applied questions are given in the exam based on the knowledge learned, it may not be possible to answer just by memorizing. It is necessary to proceed with learning with an emphasis on both memorization and understanding of knowledge. In particular, memorizing knowledge is not enough to make good use of it for applied problems, so it is important to focus on learning to understand knowledge. To understand correctly is to grasp the structure of that knowledge and bring it to a state where it can be explained concretely to others. As a means of confirming whether or not you understand correctly by explaining each other’s areas of study with your fellow students. By doing this, you will be able to study efficiently in a short time.

It is more effective to repeat

The knowledge of a certified accountant is not so sweet that you can learn it once and use it for the exam.

The state in which you can use the knowledge you have learned at any time is called “acquisition”, and it is important to repeat the review to raise the knowledge level to this state.

Be aware of the forgetting curve when doing iterative learning. The forgetting curve is a curve that shows the percentage of time that a person can reduce the time required to completely re-memorize what he or she once memorized.

As time passes after memorizing, it takes a lot of time to memorize again. In short, repeating the review in a short span makes it easier to establish knowledge as a memory…

Study with sharpness

The basis of studying is how much you can concentrate and study. Even if you study without concentrating, it will be difficult to acquire as knowledge. Specifically, the results you will get will be greater if you concentrate on studying for 3 hours rather than continuing to study for 10 hours. By focusing on your studies, you will have more leisure time, so you can live your daily life while adjusting the conditions.

In addition, it is important not only to concentrate on studying at home, but also to concentrate on classes. Even if the class time and instructor are the same, the amount and quality of knowledge that can be absorbed will more than double depending on the concentration of the person, and there will be a big difference.

Taking the support of CA Mock Tests Series is the best way to repeat and revise your syllabus within a limited period of time. The CA Mock Test Series help CA aspirants to audit their preparations and finding weak points.

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What are the considerable things students should focus on at LPU academy?




Now in today’s globe, a lot of things are required for the people to survive their life peacefully which is food, water, air, and education. Without these four, people can’t able to lead happy life. Education is the only thing which is helping the people to form a great career which means they can make a good amount of money for their life.

A country that contains a lot of well-educated people will perform great when it comes to the economical state. That’s why every elder was advising the small age people to get an education. Although you are very interested in sports activities you should either provide your focus in the studies too. It helps to gain a lot of experience which is very needed for your life moments.

How to join your wishing course?

Now from childhood age, every kid is having a dream to choose their course in the future. But due to scoring low level of marks or else due to family worst economical circumstance or due to some other situations the learners are not able to join in their preferable course. They are required to choose a different course to elude all these difficulties, even though they choose different courses they are not having an interest in that. This leads them to have issues in the working place.

Sufficient working knowledge is very important in the working area; you can gain this knowledge only through the education you had gained in the UG or else in the PG courses. Due to this, you should not miss your dream courses. To study your preferable course as per your wish, you should select distance education. It helps you to join in the inspirable course.

Why prefer LPU?

Now in recent days, it got fame among multiple people because of its convenience. First of all, you have to know about what is called distance education and what kind of methodologies will be followed in it. In this type, you are not going to the actual college every day. You will be simply complete your course within the home, the classes will be conduct through the online teaching platform.

For this type, you can choose the academy called lpu distance education bca. Apart from the BCA course it also affords multiple sorts of courses to the learners from PG courses to UG courses you can choose your preferred one. It will be most useful for the students who had got married and going to work every day.

They can study in lpu distance education bca whenever they get free time. It is suitable for every aged people who are above 18 plus. The only aspect which is expected from this academy is, the learner should complete the schooling education.

Bottom line:

The certificate provided by this academy is most trustable; it is accepted by the experts anywhere you are looking to go. You can able to save a lot of cash when you do online learning, you won’t require traveling every day and no requirement to pay fees for other activities too.

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