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Making Profit from Live Events with Social Distancing – Possibilities




event companies in Dubai

The Coronavirus pandemic has a lot of consequences on the event industry. New social distancing requirement for social gatherings and live events has translated into higher costs and low revenue generation. It has led companies to think if live events are still financially viable or just a waste of resources.

As social distancing is becoming a norm, event planners need to look for ways to mitigate the additional costs of sanitization and cleaning, and boost revenue and maximize the reach of the event. One way to achieve that is to move to the virtual realm and hold events at international levels with a broader reach.

But why not spice things up and increase profits by hosting a hybrid event for your live attendees and attendees from different parts of the world!

Can You Make Profits from Live Events with Social Distancing?

The answer to that question is Yes. Yes, you can make profits from hosting live events while ensuring social distancing. But such an event has to be different from your traditional conference or a concert. It has to be a hybrid event.

If you are reluctant to leverage the virtual realm for your events, here are some of the key points why hosting live events alone without a virtual counterpart would not help you generate profits. However, with smart planning, you can enjoy profits from live (hybrid) events.

Budget Considerations for Such Events

If you are thinking about hosting a live event, here are some of the budget considerations that you must take into account.

1.     Prevention and Cleaning Supplies

In order to host a live event, you need to make sure you are following all the health recommendations of cleaning and sanitization. This includes regular cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces and all the objects frequently during the event. Also, prevention supplies need to be made accessible to everyone at the event, including attendees, staff, exhibitors, vendors, etc.

All these cleaning supplies translate directly to an increase in the cost of the event. Event organizers need to think of ways to share this cost with the vendors, exhibitors, etc., one way or another because it reduces your revenue generation.

2.     Meticulous Planning

Event planners will have to go beyond measures to meet the social distancing and safety criteria and reaching out to the attendees. These measures also include the use of air purification and UV light lamps to avoid the spread of the virus during the live event and create the safest possible event environment for the guests.

To reduce this burden, you must consider hiring an event company to create event infrastructure like information posters, barriers, and signage that informs attendees of what they need to do.

Consequences on Revenue

The question is, what are the consequences on the revenue, and will it be enough to absorb the total cost of the event?

1.     Cutting Attendees Equals Revenue Lost

To host a live event, you will have to change the event floor plans to ensure social distancing. It means room capacity will have to be revised and reduced for maintaining the required distance (which means fewer seas). Similarly, at trade shows, this means that there will be less number of exhibitors to manage the floor space.

As a result of this, venues will have to operate at low capacity, almost at 20-40% of their standard capacity. With rental costs remaining unchanged, this would affect your overall revenue.

2.     Low Turnout Due to Travel Restrictions

Another consequence of the current COVID-19 pandemic on events is that people might not want to travel to the event and risk exposure. Some countries have adopted a 14-day quarantine rule for every traveler from another country. It makes travel almost impossible, and people will not be able to attend the event.

This will have a great impact on the number of attendees that show up at the event. Therefore, you will end up hosting a small, domestic event with small revenue generation.

3.     Risk of Cancellation

Another major revenue challenge is the risk of cancellation. In such cases, you don’t know when an attendee will cancel his ticket, and without proper planning, you will lose money. It is wise to offer attendees flexible cancelation policies that allow refund if they end staying at home after becoming sick.

In such conditions, consider contacting event companies in Dubai and reflect these cancellation policies in the contracts with hotels and venues. This will protect you in worst-case scenarios as you will have a plan to compensate for the loss of revenue in case of cancellation of the event. But, you don’t always have to cancel your events or postpone.

Yes, you read, right! There is still a way to host live events with a twist and maximize your profits. It can simply be done by hosting hybrid events (live + virtual).

Ways to Maximize ROI in These Conditions!

Given the present situation of local lock-downs and restrictions, hosting a hybrid event that incorporates a large number of an international audience is exactly what you need for additional revenue.

Hybrid events allow people and guest presenters to participate in the event even if they cannot attend physically due to health concerns or travel issues. Don’t be afraid of going virtual because there are multiple ways to monetize your virtual event and capitalize on the opportunity. You can offer special subscription offers just like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., or you can offer your attendees additional features that come with different tiers.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to the digital world. Another great thing about these events is that you can easily track your performance and overall engagement with built-in digital tools.

So, don’t underestimate the revenue potential of virtual events through sponsorships and ticket sales!

Are You Ready for Something Exciting!

There are costs of safety measures associated with live events, as discussed above, but there are ways to have a huge revenue that will cover these additional costs. So, don’t cancel your events or postpone them for the next year. If you are planning an exciting event in the UAE, then hire event companies in Dubai to plan a hybrid event for your attendees that they will love to attend.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new rules for social gatherings and events, some of which have totally changed the live event industry. As countries all around the world are starting to lift travel restrictions and bans, event planners need to assess the ROI of their events and look for new ways to do something exciting.

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How to Get A Business Loan to Start A New Business in India?




With the introduction of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, the government is encouraging the masses to start their own business. The definition of MSME has also been revised for the same.

However, Indian SME and MSME sector require significant financial assistance to reach its true potential. While there are several ways to secure the capital required for a company, the best option is to get a business loan.

Other options to secure business capital include crowdfunding or by approaching investors and venture capitalists. But they are very time consuming, and often comes with steep interest rates.

Who provides business loans?

Business owners can avail these loans from two places,Government-backed financial institutions and NBFCs. NBFCs are not as strict with documentation and eligibility as conventional Government-backed financial institutions. Business owners can get their loan request approved within a day by submitting only a few documents. It is fast and easy to get this loan from NBFCs. Time management is essential to become a successful business owner.

Eligibility and required documents for applying

It is crucial to know whether you are eligible or not before submitting a loan application. To avail a business loan,an applicant have to-

  • Be between 25-55 years old.
  • They should file an Income Tax Return for the previous year.
  • Existing business owners can also avail this loan provided their company is at least three years old.

The essential documents include –

  • KYC documents like Aadhaar, PAN, Driving License, Voter ID, passport, etc.
  • Proof of business ownership existence.
  • Address proof like Electricity bill or trade license.
  • Previous month’s bank statement and other relevant financial documents.

Impact of interest rates 

Low business capital is the reason to avail a business loan in the first place. Many NBFCs provide flexi Loan facilities where one can withdraw from the available credit limit as per their needs. One can pay the interests as EMIs and the principal amount at the end of the loan tenor. It can be the ideal way to meet working capital needs.

This facility is ideal for new businesses as one only needs to pay interest on the amount withdrawn,which helps lower the number of EMIs substantially. They even provide a business loan emi calculator that helps determine how many EMIs you have to pay even before you take the loan.

How to apply?

NBFCs offer hassle-free online application processes. Usually, it takes approximately 2 to 3 working days to approve and disburse the credit. A quicker approval and disbursement allows entrepreneurs to secure the credit and utilise it to pay for both unforeseen as well as planned expenses.

To apply for a loan in an NBFC,one has to-

  • Visit the business loan page of their lender of choice.
  • Go to the apply section.
  • Enter all the mandatory details and click “Submit.”

Once these above mentioned steps are done, a representative of the respective financial institution will contact you for collection of all the required documents.

To make the loan availing process more accessible,reputedNBFCs like Bajaj Finserv provide pre-approved offers to existing customers. Such offers usually accompany financial products like personal loans and business loans. One can check their pre-approved offer by sharing their name and contact details online.

Availing a business loan from a well-known and reputed NBFC is the smartest as well as the fastest way for an entrepreneur to secure funding for their organisation. Access to adequate funds as well as borrower-friendly terms can help their organisation attain the necessary growth with ease.

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Delhi NCR: Best Places to Start your Online Business




Online Business

India has successfully switched from business to entrepreneurship. With the world going online more rapidly, there are more new small and medium enterprises today than ever before. 

With user demands rapidly changing and global standards to compete with, new ventures are coming up and falling behind faster than you can even imagine.

Ever since India opened its doors to the world in 1991, the standard for ‘good quality products’ shot up drastically and has only gone higher. With the dawn of the internet age, a click-worthy lifestyle has become the new normal.

And as the customer’s focus shifted from product to experience, people have started opening new ventures that promise Instagrammable moments and experiences. Coffee dates turned to hang out at Starbucks and hundreds of cafes have rapidly come up with different themes and offerings.

There has also been a rise in the number of new ventures in the service industry. With so many existing and new businesses emerging in India, it is harder to stay ahead or gain visibility in the market. A great way to get a headstart is by choosing your business location carefully.

Why Delhi?

Since 2009, over 7000 startups have come up in India, more than Bangalore, Mumbai, or any other metro city in India. As of 2019, the cumulative valuation of all Delhi startups stood at about USD 50 billion, followed by Bangalore at USD 34 billion. 

Silicon Valley has been the standard for IT hubs across the world. In the same way, the national capital region of Delhi is quickly becoming the centre of business for new and emerging startups. To maintain a lead while doing business in Delhi, choose an SEO company in Delhi that can make your brand visible online so that more people can find you offline.

Delhi is an important industrial hub. A large number of multinational businesses are headquartered in Delhi, and many wholesalers trade within and around it.

This makes Delhi favourable for new online businesses because of easy access to wholesale goods, and the large market and diverse audience to experiment with.

There are many more infrastructural, social and economical benefits of starting your online business in Delhi NCR.

Developed Transport System

With the coffee shop work culture making its way into our lives, a lot of work happens on the go. For this fast-paced working style, ease of travelling is very important.

Delhi-NCR has a well-developed metro network, easing commute within the city while connecting major parts of Noida and Gurgaon as well.

Even for office employees, travelling is a major hassle. Delhi’s public transport network takes care of this problem, leaving people’s minds free to be more productive at work, resulting in success for their businesses and room to think of newer ideas. 

Low Real Estate Prices

Co-working spaces have risen unstoppably in the past 5 years. Instead of purchasing entire offices as legacy businesses do, new entrepreneurs save on real estate prices and high rent payments by opting for these lively workspaces with world-class amenities.

Rent for commercial properties in Delhi is much lower than other hubs like Mumbai and Chennai. This is another load off for freshly starting businesses. 

The Industrial Capital

Being the capital of India, Delhi has a lot of major headquarters. It is one of the most frequently visited cities in the world, both for tourism and business.

Add to that the easy availability of labour, raw materials, wholesalers and diverse sample size for every niche. Delhi NCR is the perfect place for you to start your online business and bring it to life. It is the perfect destination for the businessmen who are looking to give a new start or upgrading their existing business with the help of a reputed digital marketing company which can either offer online services in Delhi NCR or in all parts of India.

Build Your Online Presence First

The one major factor for the success of new startups is that they don’t build on command. They don’t follow orders to start a business, rather they strive to solve problems they faced as customers. 

To reach these customers entrepreneurs need to be visible where their audiences are already present and lure them to their enterprise.

The best thing about an online business is that if you can establish a powerful online presence, you can attract visitors from all around the country.

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Should You Avail Doorstep Car Maintenance services?




car service at home in bangalore

There are advanced and dynamic ways to get your vehicle in the best working. If you have a vehicle then you should take good care of it. what is the point if your car turns out to be a show pieces and nothing more?

Indeed, if you are one of the individuals who think that you don’t have time to go to the mechanics or visit the centre or warehouses  across the city then you should go for Doorstep car repair in bangalore.  This is a facility that has turned out to be a life saver for many people.

Car Welfare

The chief perk that comes with regular car servicing is that it is going to help to keep a track of the condition of car. You can conveniently diagnose any problem with your car at its earliest stage. It is a thing that helps from making the problem any worse. In case you do not service your vehicle or car regularly then you might even encounter or face the problem of the car abruptly breaking down in the mid of the journey or road.  It might trigger  a lot of inconvenience for sure.

Apart from such a thing, without regular servicing your car the safety of your family  and you is going to be compromised when you are traveling in that car. A non-serviced car is somewhat more prone to accidents than that of an y sort of a car that is frequently serviced. Therefore, it is significant that you get your car evaluated and checked at regular intervals without any fail. The professional mechanics  would visit your home and ensure that your car gets checked there and then.

Don’t stress your mind

In case you have talked to a doorstep car service, you would never have to concern about forgetting the dates. They would take care of everything. they would keep you on calendar and their experienced mechanics would visit your place from time to time to check and assess your car and its performance. They would do the required and ensure that your car does not dodge you. what is the point if you make justifications that you forget to get your car serviced and so on? come on, you must talk to professionals and ensure that your car is good.

Save your pennies

In case you feel that you would have to spend a lot on your car servicing and frequent repairs then you are wrong. that would be a minimum or reasonable expenditure. But if you avoid your car repairs, that might be a big problem for you.  what if your car gets totally out of order because you didn’t get it fixed at an initial stage of repair? That would be really expensive right? you might have to change the entire part of the car.


So, the point is once you check out car service at home in bangalore and their ways of working; you are going to be on time always for your car repair and upkeep.

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