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Mod turns ‘Counter-Strike’ into a ‘Tekken’ clone with fighting chickens

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5 Best Emotional Movies You Need to Watch Right Now




Best Emotional Movies

Though action/ adventure and other genre films are fun too,  nothing beats a sad, tear-jerking, and emotional movie. Such movies have the ability to introduce you to a more sensitive and vulnerable side of you that you didn’t even know you had.

After a complete day of working tirelessly like a machine and doing tasks that take you far away from your normal human side, watching an emotional movie can be a great way to reconnect with yourself.

You can visit any free platform like khatrimaza, 1337x and get access to a huge number of sad films and get your much-needed dose of tears and a cathartic experience. Here in this article, we will discuss with you some of the best emotional films that you can watch at any time and experience real sadness and sympathy.

So, let’s discuss each of these emotional masterpieces one by one.


  • Gladiator


The story takes place in ancient Rome where the famous king Marcus Aurelius decides to appoint his loyal general the next king instead of his evil and incompetent son.

The story depicts the life of that general who becomes the target of the king’s son who after killing his own father declares himself as the king. The general ends up losing his job, his king, and his family in the hands of the new king, and ends up as a slave gladiator in the Colosseum Arena.

The story is really touching with iconic music and the top-notch acting by Joaquin Pheonix, Russel Crow, and the rest of the cast.


  • A Star is Born


Starring the brilliant Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine and the signer-songwriter Lady Gaga, the movie depicts the effects of substance abuse and alcoholism on the life of an average celebrity.

Jackson Maine who is a well-known singer meets this extremely talented woman in some local bar and makes her perform with him on the big stage where she gets instant recognition and they both form a special romantic bond.

The rest of the story revolves around the fall of the male singer who is fighting his personal demons and his reckless drug usage.


  • Up


This animated film is sure to give you chills and an extremely emotional ride throughout. An old widower named Carl had a childhood dream of visiting Paradise Fall. He meets up with a girl named Ellie who also wishes the same.

They get married after some years and then life happens. They are not able to conceive but they are happy with their life.

After his wife’s tragic death, carl forsakes his goal and now he is 78 years old. He decides to fly to the paradise falls along with the house which he attaches to thousands of helium balloons. In paradise falls he faces a real evil man and uncovers a gruesome conspiracy.


  • The Pursuit of Happiness


This film tells the story of a struggling single male parent who loses his house and is living in a miserable condition. He decides to turn his life around and beats all odds to get the job he thinks he deserves.

The man goes through a series of unfortunate events but keeps his goal in mind and is determined to get his life out of that rock bottom. The movie has dialogues that hit close to home and make you feel the real emotions and hurt.


  • American Son


This tragic story is about a family who goes for help from the police to find their missing son. The movie throws light on the struggle against racial discrimination faced by black people and the police’s brutal attitude towards it. The film is available for free on uwatchfree and every other mainstream movie website.

The film has intense emotions, dialogues, and visuals that can take you on an unforgettable journey and leave you speechless.

Final Words

So, pick a film from the above list and stop searching randomly for emotional and wholesome content to watch. These films stand out for their most amazing acting, cast, storylines and direction.

We hope with these recommendations you find what you are looking for as soon as possible and wish you the very best in your search.

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Become a KBC winner 2021 and win 25 lac today





In this exposure story our rotate point of the discussion will be conquistador of this selective lottery redirection. A reasonable sketch of the entire framework should be attracted to wipe out the inconvenience of the allies and crowd of this gameplay. Individuals regularly befuddled about KBC WINNER 2021 because of the absence of direction and deluding news coursing on the web.

In the current time, it’s amazingly risky to request any sort of data from your close-by individuals. Because of the rising graph of destitution individuals are more disposed towards defrauding exercises. Its need of great importance to give high consideration to this issue with the goal that we can on the whole battle against these back-stabbers. Because of the greater flexibility of the kbc lottery, it’s simpler for the trickster to capture the guileless contenders. As the development of these rapscallions has been on the ascent its necessary for us to instruct ourselves at a similar speed. Another expansion of ALL INDIA SIM CARD WHATSAPP IMO LUCKY DRAW is to deliver a genuine possibility for the needful individuals and yet players should receive careful steps to get their records.



It’s difficult for individuals to process the KBC WINNER 2021 prize cash who are absolutely new to this online redirection. Individuals have contrarily redone their outlook about kbc lottery and they think this is a pre-arranged and fixed game show. This is the one side of the image and when our group attempted to uncover the opposite side to give our users a perfectly clear picture. It’s very inverse to the manner in which numerous individuals think and because of their negative school of considerations they don’t participate in this redirection.

During reality chasing mission, our group reached last year’s kbc victors and we posed them every one of the inquiries identified with their series of wins. Individuals were from various age gatherings and they had various stories to share. We can’t share that load of stories in this short string. On the off chance that we draw an outline, most of them were from low-pay families yet they acquired tremendous measures of credits from Indian banks. Presently the majority of them are autonomous and some of them are maintaining their own independent ventures with the reward sum they won from kbc. One champ got hitched to their lottery prize cash and a couple started their examination for better future structure.

Presently you individuals have a reasonable thought of how the kbc lottery has been assisting destitute individuals with getting effective throughout everyday life.



On the off chance that we talk about the data set of Whatsapp alone disregard the imo, there are 2 billion dynamic clients of Whatsapp all throughout the planet till now. On the off chance that we break down the Indian clients on Whatsapp right now 390.1 million clients are from India. So you can pass judgment on the wide fan base of Whatsapp when contrasted with other web-based media applications.


From the above information, we can determine the achievement proportion of ALL INDIA SIM CARD WHATSAPP IMO LUCKY DRAW when contrasted with the other lottery courses of action. Effectively a colossal lump of the Indian public is utilizing Whatsapp and that number will accumulate with time. So we can expect more players will move towards this redirection and they will certainly allow them an opportunity to accomplish the accomplishment of KBC WINNER 2021.

In the event that we record the number of individuals who are dynamic on IMO. There are 200 million individuals who are utilizing IMO worldwide and in the event that we talk especially about India, 28% of 200 million are from India. Both Whatsapp and IMO are to a great extent having their impact on the advancement of online lottery.



This one must be the spotlight of this entire string. Toward the start of this interactivity, individuals lose their cash because of an absence of information about the applying models. Numerous individuals were twofold leaning because of difficulties of Sim cards and the trickster’s instant messages were additionally executing their longings. A year prior just jio Sim card was the dynamic organization that was permitting ALL INDIA SIM CARD WHATSAPP IMO LUCKY DRAW enlistment yet now all the Sim cards are offering this office. You can profit this opportunity consequently without having a lot of stress.

The electronic showing has been much more clear and improved as contrasted and the good old days. In the event that we see the authority sites their interface is much discernible and anybody can comprehend. You can see different sorts of trick makes labeled on the authority site aware of make mindfulness in the members to set aside their cash from the knaves.

In the event that you are a KBC WINNER 2021, it doesn’t mean you can’t partake in this redirection once more. This lottery is a unique present for individuals of India.

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Lockdown Activities Everyone Has to Follow




Almost everyone living around the world is facing a serious lockdown situation and there is a need to find out the effective option to remove this weird situation. The whole world is trying to find out the effective solution to avoid this disease because it has locked everything in our life which has made everything perfect for everyone. As we all have the idea that from the last few months, everything is under a strict lockdown situation because everyone has to follow social distancing which is quite important and compulsory these days. World health organization has also explained in detail that a person should have to manage a specific distance from another person to avoid this dangerous disease. As we can see that everything has closed due to the coronavirus outbreak and everything has stopped responding around the world due to this.

If you are also facing this weird situation, then you need to find out the best things to make it comfortable for you. We all can see that this thing is quite disturbing and there should be some sort of effective solutions available that can better change your life during a lockdown situation. Here is the best thing we will let you know here is to organize a party in the house only for the house members. Invite them and also plan for the best food cocked that day. Moreover, you also need to make the whole time memorable by playing the Irish flute music or any other instrument music during the party that may make it attractive and brilliant by all means. It is very much important and compulsory to do so because your housemates also need some sort of the change in their life and this would be the perfect way to change their life entirely.

If you are also at home and managing your professional tasks from home, then you should have to take interest in other tasks to make you feel better. It is a fact that we all have to follow strict lockdown situations and we all need to spread useful knowledge all around. Follow these tips and you will also feel great by all means.

Things Everyone Should Apply in Their Routine Life

Follow these tips to get the right solution to stay at your home during the lockdown and these things will never make you feel bad by any chance.

1.   Start Searching New Things on The Internet

It will be more effective for you to start searching for new things online and you will also get to know about several new things. It will be good enough to share this useful knowledge and tips with your house members and also you can enhance their knowledge by doing so. Many people have utilized the same trend and they are actually getting to know several innovations all over the world and they are completely updated from any type of update respectively. the world of the internet has everything in it and you are free to pick up the best thing or solution for yourself respectively.

2.   Create Your Own Channel

As we all have the idea that right now, YouTube is one of the most impressive platforms in the world and you can get and share useful knowledge with others. You can create the videos if you have something unique to share with your viewers and your channel will start getting perfect responses all over the world respectively. when you will start getting reviews and views on your videos, you are getting famous and no one can stop you from your success by any chance. Feel free to share useful and effective knowledge with others as it is a good thing you will get understand by all means.

3.   Help Your Kids in Online Classes

If your kids are also facing a lockdown situation and they are not going to the school, you can better help them out in their online classes and they will also get to know several new things from you respectively. everything you can share with your kids and they will find them useful and effective related to their studies.

4.   Help out your housemates in Home Tasks

It will be good enough for you to help out your house members in managing the home tasks and it will also show your nice gesture. After finishing your official tasks, you can better join other house members in different tasks and you will also find this practice useful and effective by all means.

5.   Sell Items Online

Almost every famous brand has adopted the trend of using the online platform which is quite effective and useful for everyone. You could better sell Irish Bodhran and other items in which you are interested. You will see a big change in your life and you will also get a huge earning solution in this form as well.

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