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Reasons Your Car is Shaking




Who doesn’t enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride? But when that doesn’t happen and suddenly your vehicle starts vibrating and shaking, and finally it breaks down in the middle of nowhere, it’s time to investigate the problem. Most times if not always, vibration is caused by out of balance tires. Save some additional costs and take your car in for inspection to avoid bigger problems. Here are some reasons why your vehicle might be shaking.

Wheel and Tyre

Like mentioned before, the most obvious reason for vehicle vibration is tire and wheel balancing. Out of round tires, uneven wear and tear, loose lug nuts, and damaged wheels can cause potential tire problems and eventually lead to shaking of the car. Regular maintenance of the tyres can spare you from expensive repairs and changes. There are many online tire shops around the UAE where you can book an appointment for timely tire maintenance. In case of uneven wear of tires, most experts recommend tire rotation and if the tires are too far gone, then you’ll have to buy new ones.

Engine and Transmission

Engine malfunction is one of the reasons of vehicle vibration. How to determine if that’s the case? If the vibration starts when you’re driving the car and continues when you’re stopped with the engine running, then its best to get the engine looked at. Engine air filter, spark plugs, wires connection, and transmitter are some of the parts that themechanic will look at first. Based on the findings, he would recommend repairs and replacements.

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When driving, if the vibration is felt in brake pedals and steering wheel then it’s an indication to get the brake rotor fixed. Brake calipers sometimes vibrate if the rotors have experienced an excessive run-out or there’s a variation in thickness. Take your vehicle in for inspection and let the mechanic visually look at the rotors and brake pads. If a replacement is necessary then the professionals will let you know.

Axle and Wheel

Axles are connected to the front and rear tyres. If the axle is dented or is bent then it can be the cause of vibration. The problem can worsen with time especially if you accelerate. However, refer to Car Owners Manual. Worn ball joints can also make it difficult to steer the vehicle properly and for this, it’s best to take your vehicle to a workshop.

Last Words

If the mechanic’s verdict is that you need new tyres then make sure that you buy from a reliable source. Dubai Tyre Shop has a huge Dunlop Tyres Sharjah inventory and the brand is easily available in other areas as well like Dubai, Ajmain, and Abu Dhabi. Known for its high-performance technology, Dunlop offers incomparable quality. Customers can explore Dunlop’s wide range of tyres for SUVs, passenger cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles.

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Best Fabrics for Busy Families: Canvas, Neoprene or Leatherette?




Seat Covers

Kids, pets and spills, the unholy trinity that blemishes the sanctity of your beautiful interior.  There’s probably little you can do about it, but one thing you can do for sure is install seat covers. But before it all, one must consider which material is best suited for the situation. For frequent spills, one might opt for a waterproof car seat cover. For extra comfort during those long rides up to grandma’s a soft, breathable fabric blend will be just right. Additionally, you may want to consider which seats are most in danger. A bench-like seat cover is well suited for larger families with many kids and pets as well. Finally, when it comes to cleaning, choose one that can be dry-cleaned.

Without much further ado, let us delve into the best car seat covers for families, inclusive of pets.

  • Canvas Seat Covers

The most functional and convenient way for families to protect car seats from spills is to have canvas seat covers. Canvas is the material employed to make strong and sturdy tents as well as boat sails and awnings. Canvas, originally designed to protect working-class vehicles’ seats, are waterproof, and durable. They can endure spills of any kind and sturdy enough to take a beating. This material is famed across trucks, trade, and agricultural vehicles. However, a downside to it is that comfort is not its forte. It’s a tad rough to the skin and your kids may probably not like it despite providing the ultimate protection.

  • Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene is another amazing fabric to consider for your car seats. It is comfortable, water-resistant and most of all, durable. Neoprene seat covers are the go for choice for those with an active lifestyle. Perhaps you always take your family to the water park every weekend or to the beach? Then this material is just the right pick for you. Neoprene is the same material that wetsuits and scuba attire are made from.

Additionally, apart from being waterproof and durable, it is also flexible. Neoprene can regulate itself when it comes to extreme temperature changes. It tends to be cooler during hot weather and warmer during cold weather. This feature makes it an ideal choice for busy families, for all-year-round protection.

  • Leatherette Seat Covers

Leatherette is a synthetic fabric made of vinyl and made to simulate the qualities of leather. Leatherette, is made of vinyl, is plastic-based, making it non-porous. It confers excellent protection against spills and can easily be wiped off without seeping into the seats. Moreover, leatherette seat covers offer protection against pets’ nails as it doesn’t scratch easily or stick fur. Leatherette might be the best option if you are seeking luxury, easy cleaning, and maintenance.

Unfortunately, leatherette. being non-porous, it doesn’t “breathe”. During the hot summers, leatherette seat covers are disadvantageous as they get “sticky” more so when you perspire.

Parting Shot…

All these fabrics are well suited for busy families and also with pets. The trick concerning them is the environment they are well suited for. For instance, leatherette gives you the luxury look but only suitable for warm weather. Canvas is the most durable and sturdy but it’s not comfortable. Neoprene is only good if you have an active lifestyle. Depending on the reasons, you might just get your right pick from here.

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