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Staying Up Too Late…Things to Consider

Staying Up Too Late…Things to Consider

Staying Up Too Late…Things to Consider

Bedtime?I’m not sure about any of you reading this, but my parents have reminded me of the importance of having a reasonable bed time for my entire life! I used to refuse “bedtime” in an act of asserting my independence. But by the time I was in my junior year, I realized the brilliance of a 10PM bedtime and haven’t looked back… I’ve never been one of the kids who stays up til 2 or 3 writing essays, hanging out with friends, scrolling… BUT! That has all changed in a matter of weeks.

Late NightsThere is a vibe on campus on Friday and Saturday nights that differs from the week nights. Students are up, laughing outside, throwing a disc at night??, or in their dorm rooms hanging out with roommates. And all of this excitement around me has completely altered my bedtime schedule. Like I said, I am a 10PM bed time type of kid, however the THRILL of staying up late talking with friends, writing essays and rearranging your posters is essaysonline org too tempting. I have fallen into a pattern of staying up until 2AM, 3AM (maybe even 5AM, but don’t tell my mom) and BOY OH BOY, it’s different. It feels like there is so much time in the day when you are awake for 18 hours vs. 12 hours. So many more pages of papers get done, so many fun conversations are had, all the advice my parents ever gave, thrown out of my dorm room window!

However, IT FEELS HORRIBLE ON THE DAY AFTER. I have learned quickly that my body and mind need the sleep. To remedy this, I’ve learned the joy of naps.

Nap, nap, nap. No. More. Coffee.If you fall into this pattern, like I have, you’ll discover the importance of naps. KEY! CRITICAL! CRUCIAL! Make sure you’re feeding your brain with good food and good rest. AND! It can be tempting to drink coffee at all three meals of the day, BUT DON’T DO IT.

this is only 2 days worth of coffee cup accumulation. Simply put, too much coffee = not enough sleep.A BalanceI am only several days into this lifestyle change and am realizing that there is a balance. For instance, I plan on falling asleep tonight at 10, in order to truly regain the hours that I’ve lost in the past week. Any who, this act of resistance to set bedtime has been a journey and I am just here to remind all y’all that this may not be the life for you, but you will get to experiment at Carleton. Find what works for your brain, productivity and peace of mind. Wish me luck in the dream world tonight!

[email me at [email protected] with tips/comments on your sleep life/how can we take better care of our sleep schedule!]

After taking a gap year and exploring the world outside of the classroom, Avery is ready to start her freshman year at Carleton! You can find her out in the Arb trying to identify plant species or in the Libe reading about abolitionist education theory and working class movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her passions and interests align most with American Studies, Education Studies, and History. Meet the other bloggers!