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This is how you dress for a job interview, and land an offer

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Making Profit from Live Events with Social Distancing – Possibilities




event companies in Dubai

The Coronavirus pandemic has a lot of consequences on the event industry. New social distancing requirement for social gatherings and live events has translated into higher costs and low revenue generation. It has led companies to think if live events are still financially viable or just a waste of resources.

As social distancing is becoming a norm, event planners need to look for ways to mitigate the additional costs of sanitization and cleaning, and boost revenue and maximize the reach of the event. One way to achieve that is to move to the virtual realm and hold events at international levels with a broader reach.

But why not spice things up and increase profits by hosting a hybrid event for your live attendees and attendees from different parts of the world!

Can You Make Profits from Live Events with Social Distancing?

The answer to that question is Yes. Yes, you can make profits from hosting live events while ensuring social distancing. But such an event has to be different from your traditional conference or a concert. It has to be a hybrid event.

If you are reluctant to leverage the virtual realm for your events, here are some of the key points why hosting live events alone without a virtual counterpart would not help you generate profits. However, with smart planning, you can enjoy profits from live (hybrid) events.

Budget Considerations for Such Events

If you are thinking about hosting a live event, here are some of the budget considerations that you must take into account.

1.     Prevention and Cleaning Supplies

In order to host a live event, you need to make sure you are following all the health recommendations of cleaning and sanitization. This includes regular cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces and all the objects frequently during the event. Also, prevention supplies need to be made accessible to everyone at the event, including attendees, staff, exhibitors, vendors, etc.

All these cleaning supplies translate directly to an increase in the cost of the event. Event organizers need to think of ways to share this cost with the vendors, exhibitors, etc., one way or another because it reduces your revenue generation.

2.     Meticulous Planning

Event planners will have to go beyond measures to meet the social distancing and safety criteria and reaching out to the attendees. These measures also include the use of air purification and UV light lamps to avoid the spread of the virus during the live event and create the safest possible event environment for the guests.

To reduce this burden, you must consider hiring an event company to create event infrastructure like information posters, barriers, and signage that informs attendees of what they need to do.

Consequences on Revenue

The question is, what are the consequences on the revenue, and will it be enough to absorb the total cost of the event?

1.     Cutting Attendees Equals Revenue Lost

To host a live event, you will have to change the event floor plans to ensure social distancing. It means room capacity will have to be revised and reduced for maintaining the required distance (which means fewer seas). Similarly, at trade shows, this means that there will be less number of exhibitors to manage the floor space.

As a result of this, venues will have to operate at low capacity, almost at 20-40% of their standard capacity. With rental costs remaining unchanged, this would affect your overall revenue.

2.     Low Turnout Due to Travel Restrictions

Another consequence of the current COVID-19 pandemic on events is that people might not want to travel to the event and risk exposure. Some countries have adopted a 14-day quarantine rule for every traveler from another country. It makes travel almost impossible, and people will not be able to attend the event.

This will have a great impact on the number of attendees that show up at the event. Therefore, you will end up hosting a small, domestic event with small revenue generation.

3.     Risk of Cancellation

Another major revenue challenge is the risk of cancellation. In such cases, you don’t know when an attendee will cancel his ticket, and without proper planning, you will lose money. It is wise to offer attendees flexible cancelation policies that allow refund if they end staying at home after becoming sick.

In such conditions, consider contacting event companies in Dubai and reflect these cancellation policies in the contracts with hotels and venues. This will protect you in worst-case scenarios as you will have a plan to compensate for the loss of revenue in case of cancellation of the event. But, you don’t always have to cancel your events or postpone.

Yes, you read, right! There is still a way to host live events with a twist and maximize your profits. It can simply be done by hosting hybrid events (live + virtual).

Ways to Maximize ROI in These Conditions!

Given the present situation of local lock-downs and restrictions, hosting a hybrid event that incorporates a large number of an international audience is exactly what you need for additional revenue.

Hybrid events allow people and guest presenters to participate in the event even if they cannot attend physically due to health concerns or travel issues. Don’t be afraid of going virtual because there are multiple ways to monetize your virtual event and capitalize on the opportunity. You can offer special subscription offers just like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., or you can offer your attendees additional features that come with different tiers.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to the digital world. Another great thing about these events is that you can easily track your performance and overall engagement with built-in digital tools.

So, don’t underestimate the revenue potential of virtual events through sponsorships and ticket sales!

Are You Ready for Something Exciting!

There are costs of safety measures associated with live events, as discussed above, but there are ways to have a huge revenue that will cover these additional costs. So, don’t cancel your events or postpone them for the next year. If you are planning an exciting event in the UAE, then hire event companies in Dubai to plan a hybrid event for your attendees that they will love to attend.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new rules for social gatherings and events, some of which have totally changed the live event industry. As countries all around the world are starting to lift travel restrictions and bans, event planners need to assess the ROI of their events and look for new ways to do something exciting.

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No Event Until 2021- how The Business industry will Survive




No Event Until 2021- how The Business industry will Survive

The whole world is facing a major problem that has destroyed the economic condition of the entire world badly. COVID-19 outbreak has spread all around and thousands of people died due to this virus attack. Many businesses have closed down due to this and a lot more people have lost their jobs in different parts of the world. Well, this is the worst situation which is affecting the whole world badly. Moreover, the whole world is searching out the remedies to get rid of from coronavirus attack by all means. It is very much important for the business industry to operate in the pandemic situation by following the remedies.

We are living in 2020 in which we have almost every type of effective solution available through which we can stand the business industry again efficiently. Moreover, we can better support it to include its share in the economic development of the country. As we all know that professional events are considered as a backbone for every business. Through these events, any type of business can be able to grab customers towards it. Moreover, these events have a unique spark that can boost any type and size of business up high it the sky. Now, due to the coronavirus situation, everyone is practicing the social distancing for a noble cause. In the pandemic situation, it is very much effective to stay at home and avoid any type of gathering all around. In this way, you will be safe and sound from this virus and you also have to follow described remedies to keep others safe from getting infected from you. Moreover, it is also expected that professional events that have canceled due to coronavirus effect will resume in 2021. Well, it is not a good option to delay these events more for the unspecified time of period.

Modern IT devices are very much supportive to boost business strategies up high in the market due to their brilliant support. Moreover, these devices will also help out the employees to get in touch with each other anytime they want. IPad rental, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and many other IT devices an organization can provide to their employees to work from home. These devices will also include the best and authentic solution for every employee in which they can better maintain the official task without any hassle.

Here we will describe to you the effective remedies that you can apply to promote virtual events until professional events get started normally. Virtual event support is the finest support you will see in a pandemic situation in which everyone has joined with business operations by all means.

Virtual Events- The right solution to boost business strategies:

No doubt, modern technology factors have covered the whole world with its true and positive factors. Moreover, everyone is utilizing these factors brilliantly in which they are getting the right type of results by all means. Here we will discuss with you in detail how Virtual Events have covered the whole situation of professional events intelligently and how it can be useful for the business industry by all means.

1.    Can arrange Virtual events globally

With the great support of modern technology, it is very much easy to promote business strategies all over the world without any hassle. Virtual events are very much supportive of business life and you can also promote these events globally by using tablet rental, notebooks, laptops, tablets, and many other IT devices. There are several tools available that can help promote virtual events all over the world. Almost every organization in different parts of the world is utilizing these tools and they are getting desired benefits. It has cleared that business correspondence can be started by using modernize tools and effects.

2.    Promote Event date on Social Media

As we all agree with the statement that professional events are the great solutions that will provide ultimate results to the business industry. In the same way, social media platform is also very much supportive for the business industry in which it can promote every type of event, brand name, products, or any other thing without any hassle. Well, it is the perfect thing that you need to take in your notice that social media is the finest solution through which you can spread the news of your event globally by targeting the professional industry specifically.

3.    Stream live event on social media

It is also an effective solution to stream live an event on social media in which you can better invite people to join you. It is also a kind of virtual event and the best type of promotion which people will see you live and they will also take interest to contact you in the future regarding any type of need.

Final words:

After discussing all these points finally, we have a strong recommendation about utilizing the virtual events which is the best replacement for professional events. The same trend has been followed by the people and they are also getting a lot more impressive results in return by all means.

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Currency Exchange Tips – How to Get the Best Exchange Rates




Currency Exchange Tips

Currency exchanging in a country like Australia is serious business. With many people traveling out of the country and many traveling into it, currency exchange is a service frequently used. Currency exchange in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney or any other city of Australia is in great demand. Yet, not everyone successfully gets the best exchange rates and best service they can.

There are many factors that count towards someone getting best money exchange in Melbourne or any other part of Australia. Exchanging on the right time, finding right service provider, getting instant highest exchange rates and many others are prime examples. Read through to find out some of the most helpful tips helping get the best exchange rates:

Track Live Exchange Rates and Currency Fluctuations

One of the most important tasks any frequent currency exchanger should do is to track live exchange rates. These currency exchange rates are like oil prices, they keep changing on an hourly basis. While some other industries might push to keep them constant for a longer period of time, currency exchange industry doesn’t. This is why we see live changes happening in currency exchange rates everywhere.

By keeping track of live exchange rates, you will be able to keep on top of them. Knowing the best time to get foreign exchange in Melbourne or any other part of Australia can contribute heavily towards getting the right rates. Currency investors will find this very useful. Being able to get as much money while exchanging between any currencies should be the ultimate goal.

Not All Exchangers Will Offer Highest Rates

While frequent travelers will often need currency exchange around the world, not everyone gets the best service all the time. One of the biggest reasons for this is the casual approach many foreign business and tourist travelers can have. By knowing the currency exchanger who offers best exchange rates, you can save quite a bit. Especially, when exchanging large sums of money.

Also, another important thing to note is the fact that some exchangers specialize in some specific currencies. Although, this will be more visible to you with experience, it is an important thing to know. Doing a bit of research online and asking your friends or colleagues might also help. Read reviews online and ask people in your social circle to get highest exchange rates available.

Find the Perfect Currency Exchange Service

Finding the best currency exchange in Australia or any other city of Australia is very significant. Usually, not such high-quality exchangers apply many hidden charges on transactions. In addition to offering lower exchange rates or intentionally taking a couple of dollars from the exchange rates, they also make their own profits very high.

A transparent convenient service should always be preferred. Also, these hidden charges are easy to spot. Some apply these in shape of transaction fees that you see on the invoices. A single bad experience with such service should be enough to tell you to not visit again. Reputable exchangers in Melbourne like Danesh Exchange always offer the best rates with no hidden charges.

Lock on Higher Rates and Get Online Currency Exchange

Often, you’ll find people searching a high exchange rate and then getting a different one instead. Currency exchange rates for world currencies get updated live. Changes happen in minutes. Usually, with the conventional style of service where you call up to find out the rate and get there to get it, is pretty slow. Be patient and look for highest currency exchange rates online.

By the time you get to the exchange outlet, a new lower rate has been applied. To save yourself of this hassle, you can now go for online currency exchange as well. This modern service tends to lock down the exchange rate when you take the option. No matter what changes come after that, you will still pick up your currency at the booked rate. Also, you can pick up or get it delivered at your convenience.

Don’t Trust Rates Too Good to Be True

Often, fraudulent currency exchangers tend to pull you by telling some faulty too good to be true exchange rate. Whenever you are presented with an exchange rate that is too good to be true, don’t trust it immediately. Always investigate into the matter further. Ask them what was the exchange rate the previous day or any other questions that might reveal their true purpose.

It is almost a rule that every legitimate currency exchanger will always offer rates that are almost identical. These service providers work on the basis of internationally declared exchange rates that are same for everyone. You should always look for the best amongst all your options. But, this difference should be in very small amounts not any large number of dollars at all.

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