Top 5 Tips For Taking Online Classes

BUSINESSTop 5 Tips For Taking Online ClassesAvatarPublished 2 weeks agoon February 11, 2021By Sahil Khan

If you’re considering conducting online classes or launching your online courses or have launched already, this post would address your unique challenges and help you make the most out of this opportunity.

Treat an online course like a “real” course
While conducting live online classes or creating course content, have the discipline to sit down and say, “I am going to work through this,”. You must have the dedication to follow through as well. Creating an online course selling process doesn’t have to be a rigid process.

But, it does require self-discipline & consistency. You could be flexible while choosing, but when you must complete your work within the timeline. If you really want to create a name for yourself & bring value, you must “show up”. Treat your online classes exactly how you would teach in a physical classroom setup.

Hold yourself accountable
Set your goals beforehand & check-in with yourself weekly. While teaching In a traditional setting, you’ll receive verbal or visual reminders. It would mostly be as a part of everyday routine. But, with no staffs or a proper routine, it’s totally up to you to make sure you are investing enough of your time to complete your course content.

If you’re still looking for external motivation, collaborate with other educators and work towards your goals together. Find people through online forums who are looking to launch their online courses as well. If you sign up for online course platforms like Spayee, it will be easier for you to structure your course content & follow through. On the other hand, investing on the platform will make you sincere towards achieving your goals faster. It will keep you organized, proactive, as well as, self-aware.

Practice time management.
Launching an online course is a flexible business. The fact that you can create your own schedule is often one of the biggest appeals of conducting online classes. However, that freedom sometime could be a little detrimental & delay the whole launch process. Hence, it’s quite important to have solid time management skills. Otherwise, the whole process would be delayed and the launch will take a backseat. Here are a few universally valuable tips to practice, in order to improve your time management skills:

Create the whole table of content. Create topics & sub-topics. Once you create the whole syllabus at the start of your online teaching journey, you make it quite easier on you. Make note of what’s due this week, mark them on your calendar while factoring in prior commitments.
Create a weekly schedule that you would diligently follow. Designate certain hours pre-decided each week. The hours will contain content research, creation & uploading. If you are creating videos, make sure you have the required gadget ready with you.
While working on your assignments, try to allot specific time or do time-blocking to individual tasks..
Create a regular teaching space and stay organized.
Set up your home office or home classroom where you would work from every single day. Complete your work there every day and you will find yourself being in the routine already.

Having a regular workspace for yourself will help you stay organized. Keep all the resources at one place and do proper utilisation. Here are a few things to look into:

Get a high-speed internet connection in place.
Get the required books, teaching materials, and course creation software for the course
Have required gadgets like microphone, tripod etc in place.
Eliminate distractions.
There are a few distractions that could be a challenge for you to overcome. Figure out what could distract you & eliminate them. If social media notifications distract you, put your phone on the silent mode. Regardless of where you work, you need to have a strategy that works best for you.

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