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Website localization: A boon to your business expansion




A boon to your business expansion

As businesses are expanding their presence in the global markets it becomes essential to translate and localise your web content to really connect with local audiences. Website localisation means to adapt the website and it’s content to that of the local language and culture of the target market. As people tend to stay long on the websites that are available in their local language and tend to their native needs, website localisation has become the need of the hour.

Let’s first understand what localisation is and how it differs from translation. Localisation is the process of adapting a product, content or website to the local language of the target market so that the product is custom made for the audience. Translation comprises converting the text from one language to another whereas localisation is a more comprehensive process involving cultural and ethnic components as well. Localisation goes beyond translation and ‘localises’ the message to native audiences. It is true that translation helps you to bridge communication barriers, but localisation customizes the product and helps to exclude any cultural insensitivity. People resonate better with messages having a cultural approach and besides translation, localisation involves visual adaptations, flexible layouts, local currencies and local regulations.

Before localising the content tips, it becomes essential to know how the overall setup of the website will affect the content that you plan to present to your audience. The language you are targeting will eventually dictate your market size and the user’s preference. With different languages using different signs, symbols and lettering, it is important to be precise and accurate while respecting the sensitivity of the language. If you are trying to get your website localized do ensure the following steps:

  1. Selecting the target market

Identifying your target market is the first part of website localisation. Before localizing and content, understand the target audience and know if your product meets the local standard and is in line with the customs and cultural values of the audience.

  1. Internalization

Getting your website code ready for the localisation process is the most important process which requires programmers to work on:

  1. Use Unicode fonts, coding and special characters
  2. Layout of the website becomes important to effectively structure, categorise and present the information
  3. Working on fonts and colours to avoid cultural offence
  4. Using locale language will help you to register your presence in the target market
  5. Changing Calendars, Measurements and holidays according to the market
  6. Law and Legalities

Also it is essential to research and know all the laws governing marketing before starting your operation and it is always better to consult a legal expert beforehand to avoid unexpected trouble.

Always remember that localisation is the foundation that will help your website to reach out better and efficiently to your audience. Website localisation requires adapting the source language and other site elements to meet the cultural expectations of the user and hence it requires professionals who have extensive experience in this field. Professional website localisation services will eventually help you to:

  1. Increase your user base
  2. Rank higher in search results
  3. International engagement of audience
  4. Compete with other business
  5. Increase profit and revenue

LanguageNoBar provides website localisation services in 150+ languages. We are an ISO certified Language Service Provider offering translation, transcription and localization services in multiple languages and various domains. We have a team of native translators and domain experts for website localization who will provide you the highest quality services at quick turnaround time. Being a leading translation company in India, we offer our services in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc;  European languages such a French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc; American and Latin languages and Indian languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and many more!

Our professional translators and proofreaders offer localization of web pages in all web technologies – html, css, php, wordpress, java, joomla, java script, flash etc., and ensure that your website is actually localized as per the local geography that you are targeting. We follow a multi-tier quality policy and our support team works 24*7 to respond instantly to all your queries.


Ensure the success of your localised website by aptly selecting your target audience and a professional localisation agency. Contact LanguageNoBar today.

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8 Reasons Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization




Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy for improving your website’s rankings in search engine results. It is important for wider business recognition and improved sales. SEO can make or break an online business depending on the way it’s applied.

Here are 8 reasons why your business needs Search Engine Optimization;

  • It drives high-quality and relevant traffic

SEO doesn’t simply drive traffic to your website. It drives your target audience to your webpage. It helps you target your most relevant audience that is searching for similar products or services that you offer using the keywords. By the way, I recommend Digital Engage marketing services for your SEO.

  • Higher Conversion Rate

As your target audience gets familiar with your website, there is a high possibility that they would be interested in your products or services and will click on your website link. More visits by interested buyers will lead to an increase in sales.

  • It is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies

Compared to every other marketing strategy out there, SEO is relatively cheap. You just need a one-time investment to get it running long-term, unlike other digital marketing methods.

  • Improves brand awareness

The right SEO is effective in creating online brand awareness for your business. With the right SEO strategy, your site will climb up to the first page of the search result when potential customers search for the keywords on Google. This will create a sense of familiarity and awareness for your brand.

  • Bypass Competition

In any business venture, there will be competition. If your target audience is in a specific location, local SEO can help you plan your strategies properly. It will help you rank in local search results based on location and services, so your target audience can find you quickly and easily. As you optimize your site and rank higher in search results you will be more recognized than your competitors which will give you an edge in sales and conversion. A higher ranking depicts a high conversion leading to an increase in sales on your site.

  • Builds brand credibility

When your site ranks high in search engine results, it comes off as Google trusting your website and also endorsing it to potential customers. This will boost your business credibility among customers and potential buyers. A higher ranking in search results means your website is safe, secured, and credible.

  • Increases your Social media followers

An increase in your brand awareness will lead to potential customers clicking on your social media link and following up for constant updates on your product or services. Having a lot of followers on your business social media page will create a sense of credibility hereby increasing sales from your social media.

  • SEO is a long-term strategy

Getting to the top of the search result can be time-consuming but so is pulling you down from the top ranks. Your SEO ranking will only come down in a case where the Google algorithm is changed or other competitors have improved their SEO strategies over yours.

In conclusion, Search Engine Optimization is necessary for the growth of your online business. With SEO, your brand awareness is limitless.

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Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers





Instagram is the fastest growing social network. For businesses, it’s a great way to connect with customers and potential clients across the world. For you, it’s an easy way to make more money online. The key is to get more Instagram likes so your page shows up in search results. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Like pages have become a viral phenomenon in the online world. Almost everyone with an internet connection has an Instagram account. If you haven’t created one yet, it’s high time you do. It’s free to join and you can create a custom page for free.

As you like new posts from your followers, they’ll start to like them, too. Liking posts increases the chance that other people will click through and view your page. When people click through to your page, they are exposed to your content. Some will even follow you. If your content is compelling and/or unique, they may follow or even retweet your message.

You get credit for any people who LIKED your page. Each time someone LIKES an image from your page, you get credit (in the form of a link). LIKING encourages other people to follow you. This means that the more people who Like your page, the greater your visibility. To get this liking credit continuously, you can buy Instagram likes Australia from a trusted service provider.

There are a few ways to increase your page views. First, as you get more followers, you should post a new video or photo on your page. You should also encourage people to share the link with their friends. This is how you get people to take the page seriously. With high page views, you’ll get more exposure.

It’s a good idea to join groups and discussions within your niche. The key to using this tactic correctly is to not overdo it. You’ll want to participate in conversations and get involved by answering questions. You’ll also want to leave helpful feedback on the group or discussion. By leaving helpful feedback, you’ll get more followers.

Promote your page on your own social pages

Another way to get more followers is to promote your page on your own social pages. For example, if you have a business page on Facebook, you can promote it on your personal page as well. This will draw people to check out both your business page and your personal page. You can use links as buttons for your business page or encourage people to click on your name below your images.

Post quality content

The most important thing you can do to get more Instagram followers is to post quality content. Keep your posts relevant and interesting. If you keep your content interesting and current, you’ll build a good reputation, which in turn will draw more page views.

Tag Your Photos Properly

Make sure that your photographs are properly tagged. A photograph of an object without appropriate tags cannot be properly attributed. This is a matter of courtesy and should be observed no matter what type of photography you’re undertaking. In addition to proper tagging, you’ll also need to make sure that your keywords are included in the title and body of the image.

Share new images with your followers

One of the most effective ways to get more likes on your page is to share new images with your followers. Always be sharing new images. This will instill trust in your brand and help it grow on Instagram. By adding links to your posts in your public media, you’ll increase the chances of people clicking on them. This in turn will result in more page views.

Participate in the various discussion groups and forums

Another way to get more followers is to participate in the various discussion groups and forums within your niche. Get involved in discussions and comment on threads. If someone has posted a question, answer it with helpful information. This will show that you are active in the community and care about the interests of others. Additionally, if you can give some great tips and advice, you will show that you have the knowledge to help others out. The best thing about participating in the various threads and discussion groups is that it’s completely free so you can get creative with your marketing efforts.

You’ll find that there are plenty of other ways you can use to get more likes for your page. These techniques should be used in conjunction with the methods that we’ve discussed above. Don’t worry if it seems like you’re not making any headway. Remember, the goal is to get more Instagram followers and the more likes, the better! may be the best resource if you’re new on Instagram.

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How To Choose Att Corded Phones For Online Business




att corded phones

ATT corded phones are made out of some of the most durable and sturdy materials. These phones provide so many benefits and advantages to the users. In this era of covid-19, all businesses have shifted to the digital world. So, people are more inclined to use these phones for online business purposes. They come with amazing features and functions, which make them the first choice of users.


Following are the tips that you should always consider before choosing these handsets:


1) Superior Sound Quality:


Despite having a sturdier structure, the technology with which these ATT or VTech corded phones are manufactured matters the most. These days, only phones that are built with the latest technologies and software can stand a chance in the marketplace.


The reason is that such qualities of phones have enhanced functionality, and they provide more benefits to the users. They make life much easier. If you are choosing these handsets for online business, then you know that they will be used in noisy environments.


So, make sure that your desired handsets have exceptional sound quality. You need to know if your desired phones are featured with DECT technology or not. Because this technology helps in the clarity of voices. In online businesses, you need to deal with your customers through calls.


And if you choose some handset with poor sound quality, then you will not be able to listen to your clients. This can display a bad image of the business. Apart from this, customers also get frustrated, and they do not order from such brands. This can also lead to the loss of sales. To avoid this, you should always go for the handsets, which have excellent sound quality.


2) Long Battery Life:


A long-lasting battery is one of the many aspects that you don’t want to overlook while purchasing Panasonic Corded Phones. For online or any kind of business, you need to have a good quality of phones. They should be able to provide long hours of battery life.


You cannot risk the battery of your phone dropping dead while you are dealing with your clients on the call. This will not only look rude but also have a negative impact on the client. If such things happen consistently, then the business can lose a great share of sales.


To avoid that, you need to make sure that the handsets have long-lasting batteries and not vice versa. Through this, your employees can deal with their clients in peace without the fear of low battery. They do not get worried in between an ongoing call and deal with customers in peace.


3) Unique Features:


Besides high sound quality and long-lasting battery, there are also some features that you need to consider before buying them. You need to know how many contact numbers these handsets can save in their phone directory and in their memory.


Moreover, when it comes to the physical features, you can look out for enlarged buttons or contrast display, enlightened keypads. Apart from this, you should know if these phones allow conference call options. All these aspects help in increasing the functionality and usability of the phones.


Make sure to choose the phone which comes with the extra loud ringer. This provides you the possibility to hear incoming calls even when you are not in the same room. Don’t compromise on any of the features because they all play a vital role in making the users’ lives easier.


4) Handy Control:


These handsets come in different styles and designs like slimline, etc. So, you should choose the one that you can easily handle. Furthermore, while selecting it, you need to see if they have basic control buttons.


Volume and mute control are two of the most important buttons that provide ease to the employees. Often in a challenging environment, employees need to increase the volume so that they can hear customers’ voices more clearly. Besides volume, often, the employees of business also need to use the mute button.


While discussing some problems with their clients, they use that button to discuss that issue with their fellow. During that discussion, they do not want customers to eavesdrop on the conversation, so they mute the call. These buttons give handy control to the users and increase the functionality of handsets.


5) Eco-Mode Power Conservation:

Eco-mode power conservation is a new technology installed in these handsets. Eco-mode is actually the method of saving energy, which is not that large. These phones go in economy mode to extend the battery life so that they can be used for a little more time.


When purchasing these handsets, see if they have this technology. If not, then you need to buy the one which features this technology. Other than this, often, employees do not get comfortable by carrying them in hand for long calls. So, the desired phone must support and can be connected with the other earpieces.


With this, users can utilize them at their ease. The voicemail waiting indicator should also present so that you do not miss any important message. All these aspects and features should be present if you want to use these phones for online business purposes.


Final Words:

Once you need to buy the handsets for business, then do not fall into any trap. Choose the one with the best features. ATT corded phones should have good speakers that can provide excellent sound quality.


You can easily buy them from FindHeadsetsThey are the authorized resellers of these handsets that provide genuine and top-notch quality items. They have various options for these phones and that too at discounted prices.

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