Why Prefer Torrent Download Movies Over Direct Download

If you are like most movie fans, then you have definitely at some point wondered which way of downloading films is better between Direct or Torrent Download. The thing is, people on both sides have their arguments and often all are valid to some extent. But torrent has more benefits and perks to it which we will be discussing here shortly.

Torrent is a peer-to-peer-based system in which the files are not hosted on any central server. They are rather, downloaded and uploaded from the devices of their users. That is the reason why torrent download is often faster and you have more options to choose from.

Main Advantages of Torrent Downloading Movies:

It is Faster

Since torrent files are not hosted on a particular server or a website, they usually download much faster. The download speed in normal download gets affected if the site doesn’t work properly or the server gets damaged.

But this does not happen in torrent. Some torrent sites like 7StarHD let you download any movie you want at almost double speed as compared to a regular streaming platform.

You Can Pause Downloading

This is probably the most useful feature of torrent download. Torrent allows you to pause your movie download whenever you want. It can also pause the download automatically if your internet gets disconnected or your power goes down.

It then restarts the download once you are back online from the same point it paused. This is something you cannot do while direct downloading films. Once the download gets interrupted, you will need to start it from scratch, which is time-consuming and frustrating.

There is more Variety Content

On many torrent sites like Movies da, you can find almost any movie from any genre that you want. There are both local and foreign films on torrent. On regular downloading sites, you cannot find some old movies and vintage stuff but on torrent, this is not a problem at all.

One additional benefit of torrent is that you can download stuff other than movies as well. Sites like 1337x, torrentz2 offer many software files and gams etc. Normal film downloading sites don’t offer you this facility.

Video Quality is Great

If you choose to torrent films you will find that you have the option to choose from more than one result when downloading a film. After you are done searching, the torrent will give you a bunch of different movie results in 720p, 1080p and above. You can choose the one you prefer and have fun with it.

One thing, however, is that you should always consider a file with most seeders. More often than not these files are better in video quality and download much quickly.

Adjustable Download Speed

Another perk of torrent downloading is that you can adjust the download bandwidth. You can put a limit on downloading speed in case there are other users around you streaming stuff online. This will streamline your downloading experience and you will not have to worry about the downloading rate going up or down. Read More : Onionplay

Reasons Why Torrent Downloading Movies is Superior to Direct Downloading

Downloading movies from torrent is less time-consuming, more productive, and saves both your time and energy. There is not much variety on regular streaming websites. Using torrent, you can download not just movies, but web series, reality shows, and documentaries as well.

The movies are all in good resolution and the downloading speed is much better which makes this method even better. On top of all that, it is free. Thus, with torrent, you can have endless fun watching your favourite movies in high quality without any charges whatsoever.

  Final Words

You probably have a pretty good idea about now, of the benefits and plus points of using torrent for downloading movies. People all over the world are using this method for their movie needs and are satisfied with it. It is cheaper, easier, and completely stress-free.

Some people seem to feel reluctant to using torrents since it is not entirely legal but there is a solution for that as well. You can just install any of the free VPN tools available online and torrent content without any worry. We hope that this article makes it easier for you to make a decision about which method to choose for downloading films as soon as possible.

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