Android “Pie” ,the ninth major release and the 16th version of the Android Os released on 6th August 2018.Google introduced this version name “Pie” as really a surpriseas the name was never on the list.

It has a really beautiful interface with new AI which calibrates the usage of your device and will accordingly battery making the apps you use as an priority which will make your interface more easy and accesable and also saving the battery.

The next important update which came with this AI is the Adaptive brightness which will help you to adapt the brightness to any conditions and it turns out to be far more better than the Auto brightness option.

Another big advantage of android “Pie” is the shortcut options Which the interface provides you with the adaptive shortcuts.

For eg- If you are a user who uses youtube after plugging in your earphones ,they AI will make sure the next time you plug in your earphones it will suggest you the actions which you take after plugging in your earphones which in this case is Youtube.

With a new task manager similar to iOS, the task manager looks pretty cool although the task manager can do many more things as compared to the task manager of IOSAnother update is the dashboard which will provide you theGraph of the usage of particular “apps” and you can put restrictions on the usage. As you reach the restricted time a message will pop up alerting you the overusage of that particular app, which you can later modify in your settings.

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