THUNDERSTORM – Monetize VOD Assets With Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) Technology

Publishers and content owners have secured a major spot in the digital world. Videos and media are now delivered via multiple platforms non-stop. Monetizing those assets is sometimes challenging due to conflicts or unavailability of trustworthy support. Getting the right content ensures outputting the expected results. Let us explore the right way to deal with similar cases!

All about Dynamic Advertising Insertion

The use of ads in numerous media through all platforms and devices enables firms to generate funds. Dynamic Advertising insertion’s unique aspect is the ability to shuffle ads to each consumer instead of constantly providing similar content. Targeting any specific group or individuals with different tastes is also possible. Advertisers use this technology as the main tool for monetizing. Some benefits to be expected from the latter are:

– Cost efficiency: the methodology behind enables users to track the flow of media.

– Ad server compatibility: vast types of ad servers are supported.

– HD quality: the ability to have HD and SD content is guaranteed.

– Audio control: Setting a balance in levels of audio in the ads or any content is also available.

Content owners- seeking for guidance?

The speed that media and networks progress at is remarkably astounding. Hence, action towards monetizingVOD assets should be taken without wasting time. Seeking for guidance is the first thought that content owners perceive. Yet, doing it can be challenging and confusing, with all options being put forward to you. This is indeed the right platform to connect with one of the best providers in the industry- Amagi.

Amagi’s provision for this quest

Amagi Thunderstorm detects ads automatically as well as provides for dynamic ad insertion, which paves the way for monetizing effectively. Making use of advanced technologies, personalization of one’s media can be done in the database itself, which eliminates the need for editing the configuration of applications or devices. Accuracy in each task performed is guaranteed to the maximum. Due to a strong foundation set, Thunderstorm is compatible with several other related platforms. The latter has proven to be highly preferred amidst users due to the effective performance even when dealing with large networks.

Reaching aimed results

VOD assets are indeed liable for making funds. The workflow is set as playing VOD assets on platforms or applications that are web-based while making money out of the recurring process. Target viewers are highly analysed, and while broadcasting the ad services, monitoring is done till successful. Since Amagi Thunderstorm is highly established, the team ensures that detailed reports of work progress are generated to improve for the best and focus more on the audience that allowed for greater monetization.


To smoothly monetize with VOD assets with the use of DAI technologies, owners or firms should find the right platform that welcomes them warmly. A companion that allows personalization is to be cherished as the latter shall cater to the needs throughout the journey. Hence, Amagi Thunderstorm awaits to serve clients with the best!

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