Why Everyone Is Going Mobile in the Sports Industry

Undoubtedly, the number of sports fans has increased over the years. But not all fans and sports lovers can watch it live in the stadium and experience the electrifying atmosphere due to a variety of reasons. Sports apps have come to the rescue of these fans.

According to an estimation by Forbes, it has been expected that the global sports market will reach a mark of 3.9 billion USD by 2021.

So, whether you are developing the sports mobile applications for the football freaks, cricket lover followers, or some mega sporting event like the IPL, World Cups, it is imperative to note the reasons for the increasing popularity of sports mobile apps. Bytes Technolab is a professional sports app development company that offers world-class mobility solutions for the sports industry.

Types of sports apps

With the Sporting solutions from Bytes Technolab, you always have your class booking at hand. If one has to take about the type of sports-based app, then there are mainly four types of such apps:

Team management apps
Team management sports apps help coaches and team members organize their lives and connect efficiently. Sports apps usually feature info about team players, scores, sports stats, and news.

Live streaming apps
Though live streaming is often a part of sports news applications, there can also be separate sports apps based exclusively on live streaming. With a live streaming app, users can watch anything associated with their favorite teams, leagues, and sports, from actual games to training and vlogs.

ESports apps
According to Sports industry app development company Activate, over 250 million people watch esports, and every year their popularity grows. It’s becoming more obvious that esports is an increasing competitor to traditional sports.

Gamification is transforming into a wide range of mobile sports apps, including fantasy sports app development. It adds exciting features to your mobile apps that are likely to raise user engagement and nail the users for hours.

Features to Include in a Sports App

In case you consider a Sports industry app development, it’s better to know the key functionality of such a solution. It will help you gain the upper hand over your opponents and therefore succeed.

User profile
Creating a profile gives users identity on the platform and offers them a digital face to explore their passion within the community. Registration should be integrated here via social networks or email.

Ensuring users return will also be down to keeping the content crispy via a newsfeed. Simply add the feature to your sports app, make your newsfeed or integrate news feeds from third-party platforms, and increase user engagement.

Push notifications
Using push notifications can help to ensure sports fans don’t miss a moment by keeping them updated with news, events as it happens.

Offline mode
Offline mode is an extremely important feature today, letting your users access some product functions even without connection to the internet. It’s an additional advantage making the usage of the mobile app more convenient to its users.

A search bar always makes users’ life stress-free. With just a tap they can find games, teams, news, events, scores, fields, and co-players, whatever. Allow enough filtering choices for their more convenience and faster search results.

Social media integration
By integrating social networks, you can stay in touch with your users 24/7. In addition, this amazing mobile app builder also has identical social networks, like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., which help you keep your users informed with the newest sports news, results, etc., and improved user experience.

Final thoughts

Though mobile apps are a serious competitor to TV, when it comes to sports, they currently don’t replace TV completely. On the conflicting, they play a supplementary role and help users get the most from their experience. If you are still looking for a development partner, you’ve come to the right place – reach out to us at Bytes Technolab Inc. We’ll gladly take up your project and make it a reality using the modern approaches and mobile app development technologies.

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