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Disadvantages of using mobile for long time




Disadvantages of using mobile for long time

Using mobile phones frequently is a dangerous habit. The invention of mobile phones was made to develop communication easily between people. This discovery has now come up with varied kinds of problems today. Time is the most important factor in everyone’s life.  This is the reason why we have received access to the use of mobile phones.

Frequent use of smartphones should be made limited. This is just to improve the quality utilization of time. Spending more time in the social media and websites will cease your creativity and make you go blank in times of need.

Communication Vs Chats

Just to make communication soothing with others, we keep focused with social media all the time. This kills our precious time and also the initiative to do anything precious. Excessive use of anything is injurious to health.  Therefore it is important that we utilize time in the best possible ways.

  • Excessive use of social media

Instead of maintaining healthy relationship we end up causing harm to ourselves. If you simply call them up and talk to them, you will have a quality conversation instead of simply sticking to your mobile phones all the times.  Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whattsapp, Messenger, Tik Tok uploads various videos and information every other second. Teenagers, kids and youth are attracted to these websites unnecessary. But if you use LinkedIn and know and add resume to linkedin it can be beneficial for you.

  • Gives rise to anger

Using too much mobile phones end up causing harm to our eyes. There is no instant effect but the consequences are far and hazardous. After reaching certain age, it is mandatory that you must take care of your habits as they will bring you prosperity in your life. Medical reports have come up with many causes that are being caused as disadvantages of using mobile phones. From teenagers to elderly people all tend to lose patience loosely. This gives rise to anger and anguish in you very frequently.


  • Serious medical issues

The network waves results in skin cancer and if you tend to sleep with your mobile phone near your head, the vibrations creates great issues. Apart from this it is a constant distracting with high drainage of power all throughout the day.

  • Ends social meet-ups

Disruption can happen in numerous ways. Suppose you find someone texting and spending time in a party instead of talking and mingling with the guests. This is a destruction of the social atmosphere undermining the parties, meet-ups and get together.

  • Added stress to work

Excess use of mobile phones can grow the added stress for many at work. The invention of mobile phone at work never ends the job. In the past, employees can take rest and enjoy some leisure time but now boss can contact them through phone and get in touch. With the growth of technology, models of the phones also keep on changing.

  • Scammers have increased

Phones become archaic very soon with great upgrade and thus are expensive to carry ahead. Unsolicited calls and texts, money making scams are also increasing in common and much more sophisticated manner. The target that the scammers make is the vulnerable members of the society.

Final Words

All kinds of information, banking details, preferred objectives are all loaded in the device. Thus once you lose a mobile phone, it is equal to losing your life. Thus the next time you use an expensive mobile phone, ensure protecting and using it in the best possible way.  For more information you can visit here.

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5 Quick Tips about Reception Automation and Check-In System




visitor monitoring app

What is reception automation?

Why do people need reception automation? In the period of modernization, it is very much difficult to find, hire, or train new receptionist just to handle the visitors arriving at your premises.

Moreover, with the ongoing inflation, salaries seem to be very much skyrocketing. So, the ultimate solution for this reception automation systems, these are the systems that help out companies to store all relevant information about visitors with ease. Reception automated systems help in maintaining each and everything from check-in to check-out, storing details to handling queries, and many more. Therefore, this is a system that is particularly known as reception automation whereas the other name for them is Visitor Management Systems. Hence, this above-mentioned information tells you what is reception automation and why do we need this at our premises.

What do you mean by digital reception and reception sign-in applications?

In recent times, the offices, school premises, or hospitals are having outsourcing facilities for reception work. These are the systems that are called Virtual Receptionist. A virtual receptionist is referred to as one real and live person who performs all the activities down such as answering calls, telling the tasks to be performed and are handled from one place only, They are having software that connects them to your business’s phone and computer system and all the calls are routed to them. However, this may require training and can also lead to hassle some times. Thus, the new digital reception system can be a great help.

A digital reception system is basically a visitor management system that helps in greeting down the visitors when they arrive at the place. Basically, this is a type of business that gives you an opportunity to feel free and focus your attention on other business activities.

Now, we will discuss a few quick tips for reception automation and reception sign-in applications. Have a look to know:

  1. Digital Reception is a concept that is basically used in the collaboration with visitor managing systems. These are the systems that are mainly used in offices with employees having a 20-1200 workforce.
  2. The reception automation system can help you to multitask like storing the data, information, visitor check-in, check-outs, and many more. But digital reception is the system that only handles the visitors.
  3. Reception automation systems or visitor monitoring app will help you in notifying the employees, giving other important information about visitors to the host’s bodies, and many more. Ergo, these are the messages that are sent to the host bodies through e-mails or messages.
  4. Reception automation or visitor management systems will help in attracting down visitors, clients, or customers. This will further help in increasing the brand value of yours. Hence, these are systems through which you can track every movement of your visitors at the premises.
  5. Until the host reaches the reception desk, these are the systems that will provide them will all the necessary things like visitor badges, telling you your work area, and many more other things.

Therefore, this is all that you should know about the reception automation system. If you are a company having more than 20 employees, then you should definitely get installed with these management systems. Hence, to clear out any queries or confusion, mention us in the comments section below.

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Psychometric Assessment – The Perfect Tool To Use In Hiring And Employee Training




psychometric assessment

The hiring of employees is one of the most important processes for almost all of the organizations. Employees with desired skills and right talents play a great role in smooth administration and success of every business and organization. This is what made everyone to give utmost importance to quality in the hiring process and make to make use of pre-employment assessment tests for the purpose. These tests are the most effective and perfect tools to make the hiring and employee training to meet the standards and requirements.

How hiring is made effective

The answer is so simple and it is just to make the hiring process free from the usual drawbacks. It is found that still most of the companies are engaged in time-consuming and tiring frequent hiring processes. This happens just because of the reason that they fail to pick the right candidates in the first attempt. Here comes the importance of psychometric assessment. This test is designed and developed to measure the ability and stability of the candidates along with the much needed behavioural and personal traits. These tests are conducted in prior to the interview to select the right candidate with much-needed talents to make the hiring really effective.

Study the candidate

Every employer would like to get a clear and complete picture of the candidate in accordance with the nature of the job. These assessment tests are designed to study the candidate in details with the help of the several questions. Yes, the answers given by the candidates in the test give the detailed picture related to the character, skill, abilities, and competencies. This helps the employer to gain knowledge on how the candidate thinks and act under different situations and his or her ability in mingling with the co-workers to make a great teamwork. This is how the candidate with right skills and talents are hired with the help of these assessment tests to increase the rate of employee retention.

Better training

Complete detail about the personal and professional abilities and talents of the candidates helps the employers to provide customized training to make the process really a success. It also helps in developing an effective team of candidates with similar talents to increase the efficiency and performance of the business process. This information is also vital in promoting the right candidate to next level of administration. In all terms, these assessment tests have nothing but a bucket full of benefits to bring in employee hiring and evaluation process.

Saves valuable time

Business owners and managers experience challenges at every minute. It is not at all practical for them to spend long hours in conducting the test. They need the HR department to handle the task in a most efficient way without affecting the regular routine jobs of the office or business. In these cases, most of the businesses like you get the service of reputed pre-employment assessment test service providers. They provide the test link to help the candidate in taking the test from any of the locations and the benchmark report of the test will send to the HR department to select the right candidates for the final interview.

Make use of psychometric assessment when you hire next time.

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How to Take the Full Advantage of Microsoft Teams?




Microsoft teams task automation

The digital adoption is not only to undertake the digital tools up to fullest but it also means to automate tasks in Microsoft teams. There are several kinds of ways to effectively utilize the Microsoft teams and the basic point is to create the integral cloud workspace for the entire organization so that there is a high level of efficiency as well as collaboration throughout the organization.

Following are some of the ways to avail all the advantages of Microsoft teams:

– Working from anywhere and at any time: The individuals and organizations can go with the option of setting the workplace as any of the areas which can be availed with the help of space sharing with all the co-workers. One must also move in a specific time frame so that communication, collaboration and production can be enabled significantly. There should be a little strategic push as well so that the digital version of the workplace can be created. The employees should be able to do maximum out of the teamwork so that the productivity of everybody can be significantly improved. Proper respect has to be paid to the governance plan so that overall goals are efficiently achieved.

– Not relying on the organic discovery: A lot of companies do not go with the option of going beyond the deployment as well as training of employees. So, organizations should never rely on the organic discovery and they should go with the option of actively participating and achieving the goal of creating the shared space and drive in the adoption. This concept will help in increasing the visibility and will also help in improving the usage as well as better ways of utilizing the tools.

-Bringing the employees and experts into the workplace: This is another activity which can be done by the organizations and it will help them to create an employee onboarding programme. Running several kinds of meeting sessions will also help in gathering a lot of information throughout the process of manufacturing. Project planning should also be undertaken very well so that content updates can be scheduled and all the important tasks can be well performed. This concept will also help in adapting the digital adoption programmes in proper regard to the applicable features of the whole concept.

-Taking the workplace to the cloud-based systems: This is another essential component which has to be undertaken in proper regard to the communication, collaboration and production-related tasks. These things must be successfully done so that the overall goals of the Microsoft teams can be achieved. Complete identification and prioritization of the employee training should be done so that applicable features can be well performed. Shared workspaces in the cloud-based systems must be created So that Microsoft teams become the hub of getting more of the tasks and liberating the business from the location constraint and office hour’s constraint.

Hence, all the benefits can be availed by undertaking the above-mentioned points Into practice and for this purpose company must go with the option of Microsoft teams task automation which of the goals easily and efficiently.

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